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  D.L.824 Exchange
Posted by: ScreethTheMoth - 02-25-2024, 04:57 AM - Forum: Trading - No Replies

D.L.824 would like to exchange the creatures that do not have the genetics we are looking for to other scientists who are looking for these species and genetics! I.D.T.N has been created to display and list the specifics of each creature for easy viewing and searching! To purchase a creature, send a message and I will start the exchange!

Here is I.D.T.N, created for ease of viewing! If this breaks any rules of conduct, let me know. I do not want to break rules, simply make something that allows easy access to my trades for both me and anyone attempting to buy creatures or trade with me!

  New Species Discovered
Posted by: Corteo - 02-11-2024, 09:48 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (20)


Attention all scientists!

A new capsule is now available in the cupboard thanks to the hard work of Coral M. Mui, who has been studying these curious creatures for the past few months to fully understand their genetics. Please submit any new data regarding them to either her or Soza Starrs, who is helping her with the data compilation.

[Image: a5k7a1.png][Image: e3v5Q1.png]

These will flood for 48 hours before joining the normal rotation.

  '23 Solstice Critters
Posted by: Ookami Kenran - 01-23-2024, 02:32 AM - Forum: Trading - No Replies

For more details, see my Market Tread.
DM me if you have any questions / concerns / offers.

Looking to complete my collections, male and female, better if it's a gene combo I don't already have, okay if bred. 

Alta Koltuko:
Either sex: Complete!!!
Females: AA,aa,aa | Aa,Aa,AA | aa,AA,AA
Males: AA,Aa,AA | Aa,AA,AA | Aa,AA,aa | Aa,aa,aa | aa,aa,aa

Kauri Makzelo:
Either sex: aa,aaBB | aa,aaBb <--- ***
Females: AA,AaBB | AA,aaBb | aa,AABb | aa,AaBB | aa,Aabb | aa,aaBB | aa,aaBb
Males: AA,AAbb | AA,aaBB | AA,aabb | Aa,AABb | Aa,AAbb | Aa,aabb | aa,AABB | aa,AAbb | aa,aaBB | aa,aaBb

Malbenita Beno:
Either sex: Aa,AABB | Aa,AaBb | Aa,aaBB | aa,AAbb <--- ***
Females: (*Will be added when I collect more.)
Males: (*Will be added when I collect more.)

Alta Koltuko
Kauri Makzelo
Malbenita Beno
Also check my default tab / Welcome Center

What I have to offer:

Ebena Kuranto
NRs <---this is where you want if you want the same

Market Tread > For Trade

  Writer Applications Actively Open!
Posted by: Shark - 01-15-2024, 06:27 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)

The writing team is seeking a new member, so we will be actively reviewing applications. If you've submitted before but want to refresh your application, please feel free to do so! If you haven't applied yet but are interested, now is the time.

All applications should be posted here: https://forum.finaloutpost.net/showthread.php?tid=2. Please be sure to read the directions in the opening post before posting your application.

  New Species Discovered
Posted by: Corteo - 12-25-2023, 06:23 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (43)

Ho Ho Ho, Happy Winter Solstice!

[Image: ihvmQ1.png][Image: 1rmP61.png][Image: Dmv9P1.png][Image: fVBp51.png][Image: G0B3h1.png][Image: Fxf4c1.png]

These will flood for 48 hours and stay in the rotation until January 25th.  Happy hunting! Additionally make sure to play the latest quest here and get the Winter Solstice 2023 badge!

  2023 Solistice Gift Tracker
Posted by: koishibuh - 12-19-2023, 02:32 AM - Forum: Site Discussion - No Replies

12/29/2023: So I learned that the TODAY() function will update all the cells to todays date and not when it was filled - oops. I've removed this from the sheet so you'll need to add the dates manually sorry!
ex: December 29, 2023 would be 29/12/2023

Back with another Google Spreadsheet, this time to help keep track of Winter Solstice gift-giving!

2023 TFO Solstice Gift Tracker

How To Use

Click on File > Make A Copy to save a version to your own Google Drive

Due to the nature of Google Sheets using the user's default timezone, the dates & cooldowns on the counters might be slightly off. Just use it as a general guideline lol.

There's four tabs:
- The first "HOW TO" explains how to use the sheet
- The second "Main" shows an overview of your sent & received gifts - this is updated automatically.
- The third "Received" is for documenting all the gifts you've received
- The fourth "Sent" is for documenting all the gifts you've sent out

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to message here :)

Enjoy the festivities and happy holidays!

  Winter Solstice 2023
Posted by: Corteo - 12-17-2023, 07:13 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (23)

What's this?

We're doing things a little different this year! Although the Solstice event is usually locked behind a Solstice quest, this time around we're opening it earlier--giving you all more time to enjoy the games and send gifts!

Gather gifts, sort them, and send them off to friends and even random strangers during this beloved event, which can be found here: https://finaloutpost.net/holiday23/.

And as another wonderful year of TFO draws to a close, the entire TFO team would like to take a moment to thank YOU for being a part of our journey! That truly is the greatest gift of all. Here's to many more years to come!  The whole event schedule can be found here.

Be aware that bugs should be expected... working on the old code base is a serious pain.  Please report them in the bugs sub-forum and we will fix them as soon as possible.

  Lab Descriptions
Posted by: SurrealSidhe - 12-13-2023, 11:21 PM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (2)

I'd love to see some people's Lab Description. I finally feel like I've got enough of a sense of what I'm doing in the game to write mine up, and I realized I've only seen a few of them 'out in the wild' so to speak, so I'd love to see yours here? I'll start! 

As you enter the lab, you see the contained chaos that spills over every space. On second glance you also notice tea pots strategically placed throughout, so that one is never out of arms reach, and the racks around the wall that seem to be filled with packets of tea. A few Scurios also dot the tables, and seem to have claimed their own tea cups. On the wall, you notice a white board: 

Lab Goals Include 
1) Hatching/raising wild specimens 
2) Matching and breeding specimens to maximize unique genetic anomalies 
3) Releasing capsules to Shelter for other scientists to assist in their lab goals
Unfortunately, I haven't figured out formatting for the description, so it's all one paragraph in my actual lab. Oh, well!

  I'm giving 20 gold per unwanted Reganta Plumaros
Posted by: Ookami Kenran - 12-07-2023, 04:37 PM - Forum: Trading - No Replies

Exactly as the title says. DM me here or on discord for a faster response.

*While supplies last.

Heart i found a Boot!
Posted by: GeistStorm - 12-06-2023, 11:21 PM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (3)

i just found a boot with gold in it. while that in and of itself didn't stun me too much (figured it was either a random event or maybe a holiday one) i Did think the icon for it was really cute and really well done.
i don't know if this was something we had before or if this was something the new artist did but kudos on the execution and style!

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