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  New Staff
Posted by: Shark - 07-29-2022, 04:57 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (9)

We are pleased to introduce a new staff member to the community!

Lasercat will be joining the team as a writing assistant, someone who will help out behind the scenes to ease our writing team's workload and help streamline the process of preparing quests for release. This will be a huge help for me and the other writers, and we're so excited to start working with her!

Thank you so much to our new team member and please join me in welcoming her to the team! :)

  Summer Quest Part Two
Posted by: Corteo - 07-25-2022, 03:02 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)

The second part of the summer event quest is live!  You can now find it on the quest page entitled "After yet another day of plugging away at the simulator...".   If you have not yet played the first summer event quest you will need to complete that one first (although it no longer unlocks the mini-game).  Both quests will be up for two more weeks.


  Summer Event 2022
Posted by: Corteo - 07-01-2022, 12:00 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (49)

We hope that as it's so hot out you are all managing to stay cool!  Unless you are in the southern hemisphere then please stay warm!

We want to celebrate all things summer with an event!   Start by heading over to the quests page and play "The time has finally arrived for your next excursion...".  You can play this regardless if you have played previous quests or not, but be aware that the story might not make sense.  Completing this quest will unlock a mini-game that gives a badge and daily gold.  Be sure to play and try not to get addicted like we are.  The quest and mini-game will be available for two weeks.

We also have two new creatures for you to enjoy.  These are permanent additions to the cupboard and the flood will last for 48 hours.

As always, a huge thank you to the entire TFO staff team for making this possible.  And thank you for playing!  From my side I want to apologize that much of the game development has slowed to a stop as we work on the recode.  We are now making very good progress on the recode and expect to be able to share more details soon.  Once the recode is done development that you can experience quickly will return to normal levels.  Exciting times are coming!

  A New Story Unfolds
Posted by: Corteo - 05-29-2022, 05:45 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

A new quest is available on the quest page!  Make sure to play it to catch up on the unfolding story.

  How do you organize your lab?
Posted by: Prof Sunshine - 05-03-2022, 11:46 AM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (4)

Hello everyone!

As I was curious (as always) and as I didn't saw a thread on the subject, I wanted to ask you about your lab organization!

I think I'm a bit too much in terms of dividing into tabs, setting goals, naming creatures, but it's actually my favorite part of these kind of games. ^-^

So, I will begin!

Tabs: I have one tab for growing capsules, one tab for each species and one tab for the market.
Names: It's my favorite part! My names have a structure like "ID_CODE GENERATION NAME". I did a spreadsheet that converts genes into a code. For example, when a gene has a AABBCC format, I code each possibility with a letter, and when a gene has a AABB or AA format, it's with a number. It's a bit different for each species. For example, I want my Cielarkas to be listed by the order of the wing gene, so the code will start with the letter of the wing gene. Then, I put the generation (G1, G2...). And finally, there is a name, in the form of a french word (my native language). As french words are gendered, I choose words for males and females depending of the gender of the word.
Goals: When it's possible, I want to collect every appearances of a species. I did it for the Glacia Alsaltos, because every combination of genes gives 3*3*3=27 different appearances. When it's not really possible, like the Monta Selos with 9*9*9=729 combinations, my goal is to have at least one copy of every gene. That's why I put some care into naming the creatures!

Well, that's it for now! I would love to know how you do it, what kind of fun do you have with organizing, or even if you don't like it at all!

  New Creature Discovered
Posted by: Corteo - 05-03-2022, 01:01 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (25)


Attention all scientists!

Thanks to the hard work of Coral M. Mui, a new species is now available for general research. This aquatic species can be a little dangerous to handle, so please use caution should you decide to raise some in your lab. Coral is currently in the process of designing specialized thick waterproof gloves for use in their research. If you'd like to assist in that endeavor, please contact her or visit her lab.
[Image: gg0Jw1.png][Image: NXMDN1.png]
These will flood for 48 hours before joining the normal rotation of creatures.

This release constitutes the birthday release for The Final Outpost. Although we'd originally planned a larger celebration, we were unfortunately unable to do so this year due to unforeseen circumstances (including not one but both site programmers' computers dying at the same time). Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you enjoy today's release!

A small scavenger hunt has been organized by a few staff members in lieu of a larger celebration. To play, follow clues in NPC labs and on the on-site bulletin. Though there is no reward for completing the scavenger hunt, we hope you enjoy the adventure! The first clue is somewhere in this release post...

  Broken images
Posted by: Corteo - 04-22-2022, 12:56 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (1)

You may experience more broken images off site than normal due to some backend maintenance that we have had to do.  This issue should hopefully resolve itself.

  Recent Genome Splicer Hack Explained
Posted by: Shark - 04-01-2022, 01:00 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (29)

Although we were able to recover the missing capsules and lab equipment, as well as shut down Yosof Palliard’s store once again, we were unable to prevent him from hacking into the genome splicer to add in the new capsule. A tricky bit of programming was implemented by the devious criminal, preventing us from easily removing this data. We recommend extreme caution for any scientists who take an interest in this new capsule, as the highly mutative DNA makes it difficult to predict what will emerge.

[Image: GmbPb.png][Image: ikvPS.png]
(These will stick around in the splicer permanently.)

  A New Story Unfolds
Posted by: Corteo - 03-19-2022, 01:58 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

A new quest is available on the quest page!  Make sure to play it to catch up on the unfolding story.

  The Click Thread V3
Posted by: Zeyh - 03-11-2022, 10:09 PM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (3901)

time for V3!

as always, please remember to only post once per day. thank you. <3

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