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Posted by: Hraesvelgr
08-10-2020, 06:47 PM
Forum: Suggestions
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With the newest announcement about ads and the future planned ability to opt out of ads via Patreon, I'm gonna ask if it would be possible to have more than just Patreon available for this option?

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Posted by: Gordeen
08-10-2020, 03:39 PM
Forum: Support and Help
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Hi! I was quite new to the site and I'm wondering if we could change our usernames in here? :0

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Posted by: Corteo
08-10-2020, 10:25 AM
Forum: Announcements
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As some of you may have noticed, TFO has finally been approved to host google ads.  This is integral for the long term health of the site.  We have monthly server/hosting costs and would like to start to be able to give our artists and writers a commission for the work they do.  Please consider setting up your adblock to allow ads on TFO to support the site.

From the beginning, we have pledged not to introduce donation creatures or other "pay to play" aspects to the game, so ads seemed the best way to cover site costs long term.  I am going to add an option to opt out of ads via patreon soon™️ for those who still want to support the site but don't want ads.

I don't love ads myself, but I want to make sure the site is here for the long term.  Thank you for understanding!  The exact ad placement is still in development.

P.S. Our google ad policy is that all ads served by google should be family friendly.  If you happen upon an ad that does not fit this description please take a screenshot and PM me so I can deal with it.

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Posted by: polaristar
08-09-2020, 12:02 AM
Forum: Suggestions
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One thing I've noticed during play is that creatures can only belong to one tab at a time. This makes sense - however, what happens if you want a creature to be sorted into more than one? For example, if you have a tag for G1 creatures and another for a specific breed of creatures? As a creature can't be in more than one tag, you'd have to place it in one or the other. That's where a tagging system would come in. You could create tags to place on your creatures and then have an option such as "sort to view by..." with the list of tags. Selecting one of those options would show all the creatures that have that tag. This would keep the tab system in place while allowing users to better organize, sort, and view their creatures.

To give a better idea of what I'm talking about, I made a couple mock-ups using temporary editing of HTML on the site. 

First is an example of how users could manage their tags. I imagine adding tags would work similarly to adding tabs.

[Image: pqX45j9.jpg]

Next are examples of adding tags to a creature (the x would be to remove)

[Image: K8IXnBw.jpg] [Image: C3yeG04.jpg]

Last is viewing what tags are applied to a creature from the creature's view page.

[Image: lehlQ6j.jpg]

I'm not sure how feasible this is to implement or if others would even be interested in a feature like this - it is just something I imagine would be useful and that I would utilize with my play style.

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Posted by: Lorell
08-08-2020, 07:40 AM
Forum: Suggestions
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Maybe I am just too stupid, but I can not find a direct link in the top-frame to the "lab notes" that actually leads there.

The link in the pull down menu of "World" leads to something called "lab notes" ( but acutally is the bulletin (news) ... to get the "lab notes", for checking the DNA of my creatures, I always go my way through the genome splicer ( to get there (

It would be great to have a direct link in the drop down menu to it.

Best regards,

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Posted by: Danafox
08-07-2020, 02:03 PM
Forum: Suggestions
- Replies (2)

Could we have a gender change potion? I have creatures that I'd like to change to female or male.

Maybe make it that it can only be used on creatures who have never bred at all.

This would be very handy and maybe make the price be between 30-40g.

Pretty please?

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Posted by: Amphyrre
08-06-2020, 07:23 PM
Forum: Suggestions
- Replies (5)

Hi, just had some small ideas to make the gameplay experience smoother and less confusing (especially for newbies) that I didn't think warranted separate threads!

1. Link back to inventory after using an item
-Pretty self explanatory. I've been using the brush item and noticed that an option to link back to the inventory so one can easily use the brush again (for example) would be really nice.

2. More details on the "help" page about how to earn gold
-I think it would be useful to explain that you need to click a certain amount of creatures each day before you can start earning gold, and that there is a random cap as well. The page only states that clicking creatures gives you gold, but doesn't include that it can take some time before that happens. When I first started, I thought my account was glitched because I had been clicking a lot, but not receiving gold. I only found out that I needed to keep clicking more creatures after reading through the forums for that information. 

3. Separate Trades from the Market completely
-I think having the market's public offers shown on the trade page can be a bit misleading. At first I thought they were two separate ways to trade creatures, but it's actually all the same (loading more public offers links you to the Market page). I think the Trade page should be exclusive to private trades, to avoid any confusion in new players. Having the public trades in two locations feels a bit redundant, as the Market shows more offers, shows in chronolgoicalcal order, and allows searching, whereas the Trade page only displays a small amount of random listings with no search option.

4. Display gender icon next to creatures on the market and in trades
-Makes it easier to skim through searches when looking for mates, as not all creatures have sexual dimorphism. Currently, if you click to check pedigree, you have to click a second time to also figure out if it is the right gender.

5. Link to Breeding page after breeding two creatures
-A quick link to the breeding page after pairing two creatures would be nice. Would make the breeding system a little more straightforward for newbies, as well as provide a quick way to immediately go to the breeding page and save a pairing. One click vs the two clicks currently needed to get to the breeding page after breeding a pair (at least on mobile, I'm not sure if the menu is always expanded on desktop, or if it collapsed by default like it is on mobile)

6. New announcements link to Lab Notes page as opposed to the forum announcement thread
-Or, give the user the option between both. Some users may prefer not to use the forums at all, so when a new announcement is at the bottom of the page, I think there should be a link directly to the current lab note about it! The forum one can still exist, but I would like the option to stay within the site. Especially since the bulletin page has more info than the forum post lol

Really enjoying the game so far and I'm excited to see it grow! Thought these ideas could help make the experience more seamless and approachable for newer players, and convenient and time saving for older players. My apologies if any of these were already suggested, or if I needed to have these in separate threads (I figured it would be too cluttered to make 6 individual topics lol)

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Posted by: WingsofLove
08-04-2020, 09:03 PM
Forum: Forum Games
- Replies (36)

Lets count to 10,000

I'll start


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Posted by: OnYourLeft
08-04-2020, 04:23 AM
Forum: Suggestions
- Replies (5)

One of the features I really like about dragcave, and one I'm not too fond of in magistream is the egg limit. With magistream there is a hard egg limit (5) that occasionally is expanded during events. However, dragcave allows for players to get a permanent egg slot increase (capping at 8) when the player passes certain creature milestones (having 500 creatures, 1000, etc). 

I'd like it if a similar feature could eventually be implemented. Currently, it is very easy to reach the capsule limit and once having done so there is not much available on the site to entertain a player for the day or so wait before a capsule hatches and the player regains a capsule slot. 

A hard limit makes sense on a site like magistream, since eggs hatch once they've reached a certain number of clicks, and players can still manage to hatch a dozen eggs in a single day. But on sites like dragcave and TFO, where eggs/capsules hatch based on a timer, I think the ability to increase capsule slots through frequent gameplay would be a benefit, as it would incentivize players to keep building their creature collection through long waiting periods where not much gameplay is possible.

The criteria for earning extra slots don't even have to be the same as dragcave. Sure, a slot could be earned once a player reaches a creature number benchmark, but extra slots could also be obtained through achievement awards (ex. after breeding x number of creatures, etc) or through quests.

Just an idea to keep in mind. Currently, it just feels to me like 5 capsules every other day makes for slow going for breeding projects now, and will certainly be so once there is a large bestiary for players to work with.

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Posted by: Lorell
08-02-2020, 07:54 AM
Forum: Suggestions
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Hi there,

I would find it very interesting to see who owned a creature before me. Therefor I could imagine i.e. an automated owners log - maybe in form of a pass port or the like. That would be very nice.
<<In "Flowergame" we once had one single tulip which we gave around between the users to create a kind of "visitors' log" - some breed with it, too - to have a connection to this plant ... it is so cool.>>

In addition it would be great to mark/log, who breeded it. Therefor an entry in the pass/ID-card could be used ... a brand would be cool as well, but it would not fit on/to the creature icons. But maybe a brand stamp could be included at a pass/ID-card ... Maybe even with the possibility to design it yourself?

Best regards,

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