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Star Sketch's Auction House and Sanctuary
Posted by: Sketch - 09-05-2023, 09:16 PM - Forum: Trading - Replies (3)

 Your adventure out on your ECV is well-rewarded when you pass through the vast silver gates of Sketch's Sanctuary.
Here, you stop for a moment to admire the roaming wildlife, and eventually take notice of the black saltantas eyeing you from the treelines.
It's not long before Sketch herself meets you out in the field on her own ECV and escorts you back to her laboratory, questioning your interest in her creatures.

Everything For Sale
^ Click above to be redirected to my on-site For Sale tab ^
[Image: tnFGw3.png][Image: NFpL43.png][Image: FKqP13.png][Image: WaGsf3.png][Image: EiG7N3.png][Image: lhjmj3.png][Image: L9YoH3.png]


Breeding Requests

I offer breeding opportunities from my favorite collections of G1 creatures for a small fee.
 Consolation for mate choices is available if you're seeking specific morphs of offspring. 
(Also happy to offer advice and explanations if anyone is confused about how TFO genetics work.)

Simple Steps
1. Select a pairing of any two compatible creatures and let me know you're interested in buying a capsule from them.
2. Your name and request will be placed on a list, and the pair will be bred weekly until they are successful..

*If a creature is currently being bred with another, I will ask if you would like to be placed on a waitlist or request another pairing.
3. Upon success, payment and capsule are exchanged.
*If the pair produces twins, the twin is free!

Notice : AAbb Body Saltantas and AABb Body Kosmira Girafos are currently unavailable for requests.

[Image: LvwLr3.png][Image: KNM4J3.png]
My Collection of G1 Netimo
Netimo capsules are 75 Gold.

[Image: 2SrJI3.png][Image: rOBYb3.png]

My Collection of G1 Kosmira and Tera Girafos
Kosmira Girafo capsules are 75 Gold.
Tera Girafo capsules are 50 Gold.


[Image: tGUEc3.png][Image: nOdE03.png]
My Collection of G1 Saltantas
Saltanta capsules are 75 Gold.

[Image: dSH1Z3.png][Image: 1kaoX3.png]
My Collection of G1 Stepa Safidos
Stepa Safido capsules are 50 Gold.

∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞
If anything interests you please let me know through the thread replies or via Discord.
Or, feel free to send me a trade directly on TFO with the codes of what you'd like to purchase. 
∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞

Looking To Buy
*Currently only looking for G1 Creatures*
Seeking either gender unless marked.
Having previous mates does not affect prices or desirability.

I am mostly interested in melanistic or albino creatures, particularly ones that have bright or flashy markings.
My favorite colors are blue, gold, white, and black.

*(Melanistic referring to : an animal that has black fur, scales, or skin due to higher levels of pigment.)

Current projects of mine include :

AAbb and aabb Body Saltantas

[Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AaBB,Marking...6477091805][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AaBb,Marking...8726330229][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AABb,Marking...4964316443][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:aabb,Mane:AABb,Marking...6117414293][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:aabb,Mane:AaBb,Marking...3585958901][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:aabb,Mane:AaBB,Marking...9186693573]
AABb Body Kosmira Girafos

[Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:aaBB,Stripe...2506696257][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AABB,Stripe...3426050049][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AAbb,Stripe...7766823418][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:Aabb,Stripe...2860595177][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:aabb,Stripe...4071388982][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AaBB,Stripe...4719912476]
Looking for any other variations in genetics.
Offered gold prices range from 300-500 depending on coloration.

I am willing to pay 200 Gold or more for creatures like these.

[Image: ln?s=oqQ3G&c=Body:Aabbcc,Markings:AABbCC...7281301696][Image: pyEkk3.png][Image: ln?s=juvAD&c=Body:aabbcc,Tails:AA,Ice:aa...5621413225][Image: ln?s=juvAD&c=Body:AABbcc,Tails:AA,Ice:aa...0321986313][Image: ln?s=juvAD&c=Body:aaBBCC,Tails:AA,Ice:aa...2014097666][Image: ln?s=juvAD&c=Body:AABbCc,Tails:AA,Ice:aa...2174624617][Image: ln?s=oqQ3G&c=Body:Aabbcc,Markings:AABBCc...3439481093]
[Image: ln?s=jUjCb&c=Body:AABB,Belly:aaBB,Stripe...0252895931][Image: ln?s=jUjCb&c=Body:AABB,Belly:AABb,Stripe...9085006047][Image: ln?s=UkBbC&c=Body:aabbCC,Wings:AaBBcc,Ma...0887701536][Image: ln?s=UkBbC&c=Body:aabbcc,Wings:aaBbCc,Ma...2532308026][Image: ln?s=UkBbC&c=Body:aaBbCC,Wings:aabbcc,Ma...1894453251][Image: ln?s=B7Cpx&c=Body:AaBb,Belly:AABb,Markin...3566430431][Image: ln?s=B7Cpx&c=Body:aabb,Belly:Aabb,Markin...5638086201]

I am willing to pay 350 Gold or more for creatures like these.
[Image: ln?s=nzgGg&c=Body:aabb,Spots:aa,Tux:aabb...3780259865][Image: ln?s=CMKpN&c=Body:AABBCC,Marking:AaBbcc,...4249697307][Image: ln?s=CMKpN&c=Body:AABBCC,Marking:aabbCc,...7713870196][Image: ln?s=CMKpN&c=Body:AABBCC,Marking:AabbCc,...6814372216][Image: ln?s=nzgGg&c=Body:aaBB,Spots:AA,Tux:aabb...7395487118]

[Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:aaBb,Mane:aaBb,Marking...6912411854][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AaBB,Marking...9112328302][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AABb,Marking...6718186488][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:aabb,Mane:AABb,Marking...6572752546][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:aabb,Mane:AABb,Marking...6117414293][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AaBB,Mane:Aabb,Marking...1718956892]
[Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:aaBB,Spots:aaBB,Stripe...2949014485][Image: ln?s=s8JOP&c=Body:AaBb,Shell:aaBB,Crysta...4962164035][Image: w6sb6.png][Image: ln?s=s8JOP&c=Body:AaBb,Shell:AaBb,Crysta...6802069143][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:aaBb,Spots:aaBB,Stripe...1977894513]

I am willing to pay 500 Gold or even more for creatures like these.
[Image: ln?s=Da1sI&c=Body:AAbb,Head:AABB,Biolum:...2216948673][Image: ln?s=bBE77&c=Body:aabbCc,Marking:aabbCc,...4747532455][Image: ln?s=DU0VX&c=Body:AaBBCC,Patternb:aaBbcc...7555185391][Image: ln?s=DU0VX&c=Body:aaBBcc,Patternb:AaBbCC...4856191036][Image: ln?s=bBE77&c=Body:Aabbcc,Marking:AAbbcc,...6987580309][Image: ln?s=Da1sI&c=Body:aabb,Head:AABB,Biolum:...6734554754]
[Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AaBb,Stripe...2200420933][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AAbb,Stripe...7820115256][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:aaBB,Stripe...2506696257][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AAbb,Spots:AAbb,Stripe...0319367665][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AAbb,Stripe...4773619918][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:aaBb,Stripe...5473780089][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AaBb,Stripe...2655397108]
[Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AAbb,Marking...2780198396][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:aaBB,Marking...8383774021][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AABb,Marking...4964316443]
[Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:aaBB,Markings:aabb,Fin...1306060057][Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:AaBb,Markings:AaBB,Fin...4746853362][Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:AABB,Markings:AaBB,Fin...3500289514][Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:aabb,Markings:AaBB,Fin...2506957318][Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:aabb,Markings:aabb,Fin...1967607172][Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:aabb,Markings:Aabb,Fin...0153620427][Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:aabb,Markings:AABB,Fin...9247583123]

  Icons down
Posted by: Corteo - 09-02-2023, 09:43 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (13)

Icons are currently down due to font-awesome setting a limit of 10,000 pages views a month (which we supposedly hit within 48 hours...).  I'm currently debugging on a train in the countryside of Georgia (the nation, not the state), so progress is.... slow.

EDIT: Should be largely mitigated.

  An Urgent Matter Requires Your Attention...
Posted by: Corteo - 08-13-2023, 05:12 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

You may now enjoy the latest installment of the TFO story! Find it on the Quests page, titled "Things are getting heated in the outpost, and it has nothing to do with the weather…"

We'd love to hear your thoughts and theories as the story progresses! Things have been plotted out for the next few years, and there is plenty of stuff to come! Thank you for your patience between our quest releases; our writing team works hard to make each one an engaging experience that propels the story forward, and like any art form, that takes time.

  Birthday wishlist
Posted by: kztory - 07-16-2023, 12:50 PM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (14)


I created this thread to keep a list of users birthdays, to surprise them with their favourite creatures or just wish them a happy birthday :)

If you wish you can share your birthday here, on discord or you can dm on either and I'll add the info to this post and try to keep the list updated.

You can also add what creatures you collect or are on the lookout for and hopefully you're get a surprise from other users :)

I start with mine:


Archangelbee -- 24th February -- my favorite creature is the Limaka Cevalo. :)
leafletleafleat -- 3rd July -- my favorite creatures are Stepa Safido and Cielarka Cimo (and I collect high hardiness stats)
Mahtarwen -- 3rd August
animarums -- 15th August -- We'll basically treasure anything you send us, but we're partial to Alsaltos, Casadistos, Ornamos, Cimos, or any reptiles. Just please nothing inbred. ^^; c:
kztory -- 24th September -- collecting little bits of everything, but always welcome G1 Krizos for my big generational project :)
Zeyhva -- 9th November -- i collect Muska Felos, pure red creatures and any capitalisation of zey and mod codes. <:

  What is your favourite species?
Posted by: Zeyhva - 07-12-2023, 11:31 AM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (8)

curious to know what everyones favourite species is! and why. :D i personally love Muska Felo a lot because well.... kitties. <3 Luma Mordos are also a close favourite because i love how cool they look! though i recently have taken a liking to the Dentega Saltos too because i like bun buns and find them very cute hahah.

what about you guys? :D

  New Species Discovered
Posted by: Corteo - 07-10-2023, 05:00 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (32)

Please welcome Mizuchi to our art team! She is an incredible artist, and we are so happy to have her join us. This is her debut release for TFO, and I guarantee it's going to knock your socks off!


Attention all scientists!

A remarkable new species has been discovered by Suzuki Thurmichai during his most recent solo expedition. Capsules for this creature are now available in the cupboard. All research gathered regarding them should be submitted to Marsh Nook, who is assisting Suzuki in data organization.

[Image: 1Uunv1.png][Image: sd2Ak1.png]

These will flood for 48 hours before joining the normal rotation.

  Kenran's Trade Market
Posted by: Ookami Kenran - 06-12-2023, 09:54 PM - Forum: Trading - No Replies

I have tabs of creatures I never put on the market, but are for trade. If you would like me to reorder my creatures, I would be happy to, just let me know! ^^

General Market: Markets
Specialty Markets: Ebena Kuranto, Halloween, Solstice

For now, check my tabs to find my interests. I'm also very interested in gold, for labnotes and non-cupboard caps.

You can also get a hold of me through discord @Pegasus Poo#4063

  New Species Discovered
Posted by: Corteo - 06-10-2023, 04:00 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (17)


Attention all scientists!

After spending a little over a month on a research trip, Agnes Schnani has returned with some exciting news—the discovery of a new creature! The first batch of capsules for general research is now available in the cupboard, and all information gathered should be submitted to Agnes Schnani's lab for collation.

[Image: EBGNU1.png][Image: jMKJX1.png]

These will flood for 48 hours before joining the normal rotation.

  Accidentally shelter’d a pet
Posted by: Tala2121 - 06-03-2023, 03:30 AM - Forum: Site Discussion - No Replies

Well… whoops

I was claiming bred capsules to send to the shelter, and at one point i got turned around and ended up accidentally putting a parent, 3Cv42 [Image: 3Cv42.png], in the shelter. It’s not a big loss to me, he’s not one of the pets I’m most attached to, but if his new owner sees this I’d be happy to make an exchange to get him back

otherwise, enjoy the surprise dog lol, I’ll be sure to double check what I’m doing when I’m sending capsules to the shelter next time X)

Rainbow NR Tabs [Spoiler Warning!]
Posted by: Ookami Kenran - 05-07-2023, 12:07 AM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (10)

I plan to do this for every New Release. The point of this thread is to gather tab links from as many users as possible, that have just NRs, for while we wait for the lab notes to be paid for, so anyone can check 'em out in the meantime. I will compile the links sent to me below, in alphabetical order. There are a few methods, you can see below to see which one suits your fancy. Links can can be from peerreview or nemosark. Great for clicks! When NRs release, this is where I go! I want to try something new this time, I If you don't want creature clicks, but are willing to show off the NRs, but let me know so I can tag your link. Example: - No Creature Clicks, Please! 

Also, let me know if I can reuse the link with ♻️. 

When I add "Closed" to the title, After the notes are released, please be aware that all the listed links may be outdated.

I also want add some info here about Creature or Lab Note release for new players, because it took me a minuet to figure it out when I started TFO. As you may know all of the creatures have a note page (Ebena Kuranto). At the bottom you may have noticed it says "Top 10 Donors" "Science thanks you for your service" This is from the original release. Two (2) weeks after a new cap drop the lab notes will be released, but you wont be able to see all the fun stuff yet! :( That's where the donations come in. Each creature release has a different set gold target, when that target is reached is when we get access to all the good stuff!~
(NtS: Add screenshot of donation progress when possible.)

Vetura Oazo Release
Day of release: June 10th '23
[Estimated] Donations Start: June 24th '23

Avogadro Guakamole - Default ♻️
Avogadro Guakamole - NR Adults ♻️

Ookami Kenran - Default ♻️
Ookami Kenran - NRs ♻️

(The below will be deleted soon.) 
Dentega Salto and Dorna Macon Release
Day of release: 03/05/23
[Estimated] Donations Start: 17/05/23

Avogadro Guakamole - Default
Avogadro Guakamole - Adults

coloquinthe - Default
coloquinthe - Dentega Salto
coloquinthe - Dorna Macon

dracula - Default

dustpuppy - Default

Granitore - NRs

koishibuh - Default
koishibuh - Dentega Salto
koishibuh - Dorna Macon

kztory - Default
kztory - Dentega Salto
kztory - Dorna Macon

Skipper - Default

Ookami Kenran - NRs

Opal Nebula - Default
Opal Nebula - Dentega Salto
Opal Nebula - Dorna Macon

prpldrgnfr - Default
prpldrgnfr - NRs

Tala2121 - Default

TheCure - Default
TheCure - Dentega Salto
TheCure - Dorna Macon

Please let me know if there are any errors!

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