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Trading Forum Rules
Hello everyone! A lot of trading is going on and it's great when people can find what they are looking for. Now, we don't want trades to get lost in the Trading Forum and it's becoming a little cluttered with all the random trading posts, although some order is being attempted by users trying to have their own thread for all their trades. However, as the site grows-- meaning more users-- each user having their own trading thread will become difficult and more chaotic. To keep things more organized, the Trading Forum will have specific trading threads depending on what people are looking for. To help maintain this order, I will be cleaning the Trading Forum (please close any currently available trades you have in the trading forum so they can be re-posted depending on where they best belong. Below I have listed the approved topics, but I will edit it as we work trading threads out and new breeds are released. If you have an idea for a new trading thread, please contact me to check if it is okay to post. Breeds will be assigned trading threads depending on what scientific Class they belong to (ex: Cielarka Cimo belong to the Invertebrate class and would therefore be traded in Invertebrate Trades). To help people figure out which breed belongs to which class, I've made a list found at the bottom of this post. Please no gifting requests. 

1. Genderswap Hub- only for seeking a gender swap of any breed
2. Creatures for Sale- only for users looking to trade any creature(s) for gold
3. Rares Trading Hub- for trading rares (currently just girafos and selos)
4. Invertebrate Trades- trading those found in the Invertebrate Class
5. Mammal Trades- trading those found in the Mammals Class
6. Feline Trades- trading those found in the Felines Class
7. Reptile Trades- trading those found in the Reptiles Class
8. Avian Trades- trading those found in the Avian Class
9. Fish Trades- trading those found in the Aquaria Class
10. Amphibian Trades- trading those found in the Amphibian Class
11. Wishlist Trades- for users who collect specific things and are willing to trade for them
12. Gifting Hub- for users who would like to gift gold or creatures
13. Current Holiday Release Trading- only for the current holiday release, spoilers likely
14. Halloween Creatures Trades- trading Halloween creatures released during the Halloween Event
15. Solstice Creatures Trades- trading Solstice creatures released during the Solstice Event

- Cielarka Cimo
- Floranta Doloro
- Nektara Veziko
- Klipeta Kapto
- Pompaca Floro

- Stranga Sciuro
- Kosmira Girafo
- Suna Hundo
- Ombra Vesperto
- Arbara Krono
- Klara Alsalto
- Transira Alsalto
- Ebena Kuranto
- Kvieta Kiraso
- Dormema Ventreto
- Luna Hundo
- Nebula Glisanto
- Minuskla Casadisto

- Avka Felo
- Saltanta
- Muska Felo

- Tagalo
- Monta Selo
- Senfina Krizo

- Fluganta Rato
- Muskbirdo
- Vira Beko
- Koleratako
- Etarakido

- Senvida Naganto
- Limaka Cevalo
- Luma Mordo
- Netimo

- Ranbleko
- Glubleko
- Tonbleko

- Abomena Pahidermo
- Inkuba Brulajo
- Okula Pikilo
- Sabla Rego
- Strigosto
- Malvolva Kapo
- Terura Fisisto
- Songa Kreinto
- Timiga Dancanto

- Frida Fisisto
- Glacia Alsalto
- Brila Ornamo
- Lanuga Vizago
- Arba Brakumo
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