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Wishlist Trades
As there are a number of players who collect specific things, this is the thread where if you collect something specific you can list it so others are aware. If you have a group of what you specifically collect, you can link it if you want while also saying what you're willing to trade in return. To make things easy on everyone, please fill out the form below in your response. If you have a specific wishlist of varioius things you can put it under the form and just make sure to write "see below" in the form next to "I specifically collect." As with the other trading threads, please no discussion in the thread itself. If you'd like to make an offer, contact the owner of the creature(s) via private message.

Quote:Forum username:
What I'm willing to trade: (link to a tab, specific creature, or say gold if that's the case)
I specifically collect: 
Preferred pedigree: (if you don't have a preference, state no preference)
My collection: 
[Image: fqhmZ.gif]   wheeloftime13[Image: o2biA.png]
                                                                                                Scroll                                       Lab
Forum username: StormHeart413

What I'm willing to trade: Tagalos and Cielarka Cimo, found here: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/StormHeart413/438 and here: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/StormHeart413/439 respectively.

- Exclusions: This (https://finaloutpost.net/view/bik2a) Tagalo is off limits. Everyone else is fair trade.

I specifically collect: Floranta Doloro of all kind

Preferred pedigree: No preference

My collection: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/StormHeart413/1123
[Image: T2MOBOs.gif][Image: T2MOBOs.gif]
Forum username: OreoTheRabbit
What I'm willing to trade: Creatures from this tab or gold
I specifically collect: One-Color creatures (ie, [Image: kSjou.png][Image: 6XcTx.png]
Preferred pedigree: (if you don't have a preference, state no preference): 1st or 2nd gen, though any is fine.
My collection: See examples
[Image: rosxx.png][Image: bH7X9.png][Image: ApMlC.png][Image: 6igK5.png][Image: prsqJ.png][Image: NkZbc.png]
Forum username: Viperidae
What I'm willing to trade: Gold or anything from https://finaloutpost.net/lab/1051 (also if you see something else in a different tab you can ask me)
I specifically collect: Tagalos
Preferred pedigree: No Preference
My collection: https://finaloutpost.net/lab/980
Lab,Come visit us![Image: CxjCF3.png]
I personally think it's not a good solution to make individual thread, I think it could be a better Idea to put subforum instead so we have people with their own "shop" and threads for more specific purpose like swap ^^"

I'll repost then. But i think that the threads would just be just as cluthered as more users would register.

Lab username: Nightmon
What I'm willing to trade: I'm willing to pay with gold, but I have also a tab
I specifically collect: As my signature can tell, I'm mostly looking for monochrome creature or at least nice color to make a breeding pair with. Here some example of what I see as monocolored:

[Image: rSIaM.png][Image: isHh4.png][Image: GfSWc.png]

So the body need to be mostly of one color or be of a similar color. They can have some colored accent as long as we see what is the main color. But I have also a weak spot from bright and purplelish creature, so you can hit me with that too.
Preferred pedigree: I prefer 1gen to 3gen, but if the creature looks truly astonishing, I can accept a more "messy" lineage.
My collection: See lab link in signature.
I'll also would quite like to borrow a creature the time to breed with my creature so I can try to get monocolored myself. I'll keep them for at least 2hs (The time needed to generate a capsule) I don't mind paying a fees for the service, but keep in mind that I won't keep your creature forever.
Here my breeding request:
- A male Stranga Sciuro that match the color of [s]this one (Back in five days if the colors doesn't match what I have in mind)[/s]
- Long hair white female Suna Hundo
- A mostly black male Suna Hundo
- A mostly black male Senvida Naganto
- A mostly purple male Muskbirdo
♧ My lab ♧ 
Share the same name on Dragon Cave and Protochroma!
[Image: 540218.png]
Forum username: Hifriend 
What I'm willing to trade: (link to a tab, specific creature, or say gold if that's the case) any creatures 
I specifically collect: any creature 
Preferred pedigree: (if you don't have a preference, state no preference)no 
My collection: in sig
Forum username: Sicagum
What I'm willing to trade: Gold, suna hundo capsules
I specifically collect: Tagalos
Preferred pedigree: Ideally 1g, or those with "perfect" pedigrees
My collection: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/Sicagum, under the Snake Tabs
Hi everyone!

what I'm willing to trade is pretty much everything!

but I collect Stranga Sciuros! they are super cute!
I love Stranga Sciuro's!!!
please help my babies grow!!
Forum username: sleeper (same as my lab) 
What I'm willing to trade: will trade anything in this tab, or gold.
I specifically collect: Ever since I got a wonderful, serendipitously-colored stranga from the quest that gave us floranta doloros, I've been trying to collect ones with a similar color scheme as a silly tribute to my current favorite show, Money Heist. A female to breed with him would be aces, but any one with a similar color combo of red/green/white will be much appreciated. Here's his bbcode, as a archetype and reference: 

[Image: mxBxT.png]

Preferred pedigree: no preference
My collection: This tab!
[Image: pKkZC.png] Mutant and Proud![Image: nYHzT.png]
tumblr | ao3 
Forum username: Silverdusk10
What I'm willing to trade: 70G and/or [Image: Sys3f.png]
I specifically collect: Tagalo
Preferred pedigree: No preference
My collection: Not started yet
Icon done by me 

My PokeFarmQ

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