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Genderswap Hub
As the title says, based on the amount of imbalanced gender ratios experienced by some scientists, I propose a place where scientists can gather and seek the swapping of species for the same species but opposite genders. In that regard, some basic rules are made to ensure this thread runs well:
  • This is a thread for only genderswap trading. No other trades, such as trading with another species, trading for gold, nor trading for specific variants* is allowed. Edit update: see Trading subforum rules for other places more suitable for trading. (Additional offers for a trade should be discussed in private PMs, not on this thread.)
  • Post the creatures you wish to perform a genderswap trade here. You may use the format provided below to make posts.
  • People who own the creatures wanted and wish to make a trade should contact the trader via PM. Follow the basic rules and guidelines of the Forums when initiating a PM, and understand that the trader may choose to reject your offer for other reasons than above.
  • Not mandatory, but it is good practice to edit your posts with "Trade complete/cancelled" once you're done or no longer trading the creature you offered here.
  • Follow other Forum guidelines when making posts. In addition, no chatting or having conversations in this thread. This is so that other people can see the trade posts better.
You may use this format when posting a genderswap trade:
Quote:Seeking a genderswap trade for:
  • [BBCode for creature] [Creature Species] [Creature's Gender]
  • [BBCode for creature] [Creature Species] [Creature's Gender] (preference of variants you don't wish, if any)
  • [BBCode for creature] [Creature Species] [Creature's Gender] (preference of same pedigree type**)

*You may request a genderswap trade and have preferences of what kind of variants you wish. However, if those preferences are too narrow or specific, you may wish to initiate a trade in other areas instead.
**Genderswap refers to swapping a creature with another of the same species but opposite genders, however, some scientists also take pedigrees into consideration and prefer certain types of pedigrees as well. Thus, you may specify the generation and pedigree type of your choice in preferences, leave blank if you do not mind for them.
Thank you for making this thread! This is such a good idea! I have gotten a bit too many creatures with the same gender in a certain species. I shall list down on who I will trade for the other gender.

Fluganto Rato:
[Image: 6Woxv.png] Male for Female
[Image: XXVBK.png] Male for Female
[Image: Mb4bB.png]Male for Female

Cielarko Cimo:
[Image: BjGWb.png] Female for Male

Ombra Vesperto: 
[Image: vhmLV.png] Male for Female

Senvida Naganto:
[Image: DckFB.png]Male for Female

[Image: n2oPz.png] Female for Male
[Image: arTg2.png] Female for Male
[Image: U8o2C.png] Female for Male
[Image: kK5Gb.png] Female for Male

Please PM me or trade me away :)
@Stormdevil (I assume that's how you ping here? Hopefully anyway)

Trade him

[Image: W4wUo.png]

For Peli?
[Image: rosxx.png][Image: bH7X9.png][Image: ApMlC.png][Image: 6igK5.png][Image: prsqJ.png][Image: NkZbc.png]
Finally, a place to do something about my problem with female feesh >_> 
[Image: V5C4e.png] F4M
[Image: pKkZC.png] Mutant and Proud![Image: nYHzT.png]
tumblr | ao3 
[Image: qpENt.png]
Male for female
[Update Announcement]
As this thread gets longer and more pages, I realize an update is needed.
So beside the creatures you are trading, please also include the creature species. This helps people to Ctrl+F the creatures they are looking for and find your trades easier. That's all for now!
Saltanta! <3
[Image: 9JwzK.png] Floranta Doloro male for female
I am looking to swap a handful of the newest Halloween creatures so I can even out breeding pairs.

I have 1 male Strigosto that I want to trade for a female.
I have 1 female Sabla Rego that I want to trade for a male.
I have 3 male Abomena Pahidermos that I want to trade for 4 females.
I have 1 male Inkuba Brulajo that I want to trade for a female.

None of the colors/gene combos have to be a match for a swap. I'm not particular about what I get so long as it's an equivalent G1 for G1 exchange. I don't mind if they were bred before, either, and produced G2 offspring or not. If you would like to take a look, please feel free to check the "Gender Swap" tag in my lab.
EDIT TO ADD: I just was informed that my tags are not visible to others so the creature codes that I have tagged for a swap are:

Quote:Strigosto, Male, cm3dS [Traded]
Sabla Rego, Female, DI92r [Traded]
Abomena Pahidermos, Males, dCA4z, RkJPw, tBYyX, fuuae
Inkuba Brulajo, Male, GOkVY [Traded]
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[Image: MpIMs3.png]
Terura Fisisto, female for male.
Scroll | MagiStream

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