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Current Holiday Release Trading [Spoilers]
As new releases are not considered public until 2 weeks after their release, and due to the limited time available to grab the special breeds dropping during Holiday Releases, this thread is a designated area to post trades concerning whatever the current holiday release is even if the 2 weeks have not passed. Due to this, please be aware that the breeds of current holiday releases posted here are technically considered spoilers. Here is where you can post a trade for the current holiday release (ex: Halloween, Solstice, etc). You may post looking to trade a holiday release for a different holiday breed, a holiday release for gold, a holiday release for a different breed, or gold for a holiday release. Once the 2 weeks have passed and the breeds are no longer considered spoilers, you may post them in the applicable trading thread (a list can be found in the Trading Forum rules or at the start of each thread in the Trading section) found in the Trading Forum. Please do not use this thread to request the current holiday release as gifts/in return for nothing as stated in the Trading Forum rules. Here is a guide for using this thread, but it's not a requirement. Enjoy the amazing new breeds!

Trading Form:

Quote:Seeking x in return for x gold

Seeking x in return for/Seeking x gold in return for:

[BBCode for creature] [Creature Species] [Creature's Gender]

Current Holiday Release:
Frida Fisisto
[Image: fqhmZ.gif]   wheeloftime13[Image: o2biA.png]
                                                                                                Scroll                                       Lab
I'd love to have color swaps for these two:

[Image: lccXv.png][Image: uMhBr.png]
I’m looking to trade these G1 rafos (found in the lab link as there are too many to list)
for g1 juvenile or adult penguins please

Rafos: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/wheeloftime13/4766
[Image: fqhmZ.gif]   wheeloftime13[Image: o2biA.png]
                                                                                                Scroll                                       Lab
Looking to buy Alsaltos with no crystals and/or 12 tails (I think it's 12?). Will pay more if they have good stats.
We’re playing together / And it’s going well / And maybe we’ll go back / To cryosleep, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame / We’re splicing genes (splicing genes) / Will things ever be the same again?
It’s the final outpost / Da da daaa daaa / Da da da da daaa / The final outpost.

[Image: 0vgPQ3.png] * [Image: 202485.png][Image: 1019930.png] * [Image: 1AzEq3.png] * [Image: CCTml3.png] * [Image: MiqGl3.png] * [Image: FPIOg3.png]
Needing to color swap 3 females to match my males who look like this:

[Image: MMqzn.png]

These females below are available to trade and are located in my Frida Fisisto tab:

[Image: mFgQL.png][Image: XGHzw.png][Image: nMzFZ.png]

PM if interested! :)
I’d like to trade these guys for G2 Bloodswaps:

[Image: sW2Zy.png][Image: pOCRr.png][Image: Q11YW.png][Image: aoj8i.png][Image: QAW6b.png]
[Image: gnEkZ.png][Image: Kwgj5.png][Image: yv8sW.png][Image: rO8wp.png][Image: Ibkyk.png]
Looking to buy some of the current event babies. CB only, please (no bred babies, if that's even possible yet). Will pay more for colors I don't have and even more for 12 tails; open to negotiation for prices, just PM me. They're all sorted into their own tabs, so that should help if you're curious.

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