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Growth Module Renting
Hello and welcome. I see you're interested in my offer, so allow me to explain. As I've been spending increasingly more time in the Shady Caverns and have taken a particular interest in the flora there, I find I have several growth module equipped housing units (going to refer to them as incubation chambers or incubators henceforth for convenience) that remain empty. In the interest of assisting other scientists - and funding my own need for specimen containers and other supplies related to my current research - I am offering to rent these spaces to you.

Incubators Available:

Temporarily Out Of Space!

How it works:
1. Submit your request to rent an incubation chamber here. Just add your name at the end with the requisite information (see below).
2. Send me a message directly. I may be in the caverns for hours on end on any given day, and this will direct my attention to your request much sooner than only adding your name to the list here.
3. Fees will be paid up front. List of fees appended below for your convenience.
4. Requests will usually be started upon within 24 hours. This is a goal, not a guarantee. If you need your creature ASAP, you can request I make an immediate trip to the gene splicer to create it for you; this will incur an extra rush fee, so please be mindful of that. See the fee schedule below for details. Likewise, creatures emerge in their own time. Unfortunately, I cannot control or influence this at all. Once I am able to procure your capsule, please allow 48 full hours for the creature to emerge.
5. Once the creature has emerged, I will PM you. You will have 72 hours to pick up your creature. Once you pick your creature up in a timely fashion, you may immediate submit another request should you so desire.
6. Abandoned creatures will be kept, no exceptions & no refunds; please check back every couple of days for both our sakes. Abandonment further means you will have to wait 24 hours to submit another request for me, assuming I still have chambers available for rent at that time.
7. I reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason, and ask that you understand that I am often not in my lab; as such, requests may take a while to reach me, so have patience, please.

Required Information to Request:
[b]Lab Location:[/b] (link to your lab)
[b]Creature Requested:[/b] (which creature do you want me to purchase and raise for you?)
[b]Addons:[/b] (brushes, click boosters, gender influencing, etc; see fees below)
[b]Total Cost TBP:[/b] (total fees for your request, including creature cost plus addons)
[b]Verification:[/b] (please enter in something here to formalize your acceptance of the terms & conditions)

Fee Schedule:

  • 15[Image: coins.png]   (Rush: 55[Image: coins.png]):
    [Image: 5jguL5N.png] (Strango Sciuro, Cielarka Cimo, & Tagalo)

  • 15[Image: coins.png]   (Rush: 66[Image: coins.png]):
    [Image: agSGBXR.png] (Senvida Naganto & Fluganta Rato)

  • 80[Image: coins.png]   (Rush: 171[Image: coins.png]):
    [Image: zX6R1e9.png] (Ombra Vesperto, Muskbirdo, & Suna Hundo)

  • [Image: NNwWD.png] Floranta Doloro*: 75[Image: coins.png]
  • [Image: aiGWP.png] Kosmira Girafo*: 512[Image: coins.png]
  • [Image: I5fKR.png] Monta Selo*: 512[Image: coins.png]

    * Please note that these species are only available through the splicer. I charge the cost of the splicer supplies plus a 10% commission for extra legwork required for the extraction; this is a tedious process that requires time and precision. Thank you for understanding.
    ** A note about Rush Orders: Your Rush Fee does not guarantee your creature to be available sooner, it only means that I will rush over to the gene splicer for you as soon as the trade goes through, thus allowing me to start the incubation process as swiftly as possible. I do not recommend this option unless your need for the specimen is particularly dire.

  • Gender Influencing: 25 [Image: coins.png]
  • Strength Serum*: 150 [Image: coins.png]

*Please note that the serum is obtained from the store and only affects the creature's perception of care; no guarantees are made about the speed of maturity or the growth of stats. See the store for details, item is labeled "Click Multiplier" there.

All replies shall be handled in the order they are received, with special attention given to rush orders. Have a wonderful day, and happy researching!

Ongoing Rentals:
  1. Chaosdawn: Strango Sciuro x 2. 30g, awaiting trade...
Completed Rentals:
  1. Chaosdawn: Strango Sciuro x 1. 15g, Thank you!
  2. Paintra: Cielarka Cimo x1. 15G, Thank you!
How fortuitous, I am always in need of more incubator space. 

Lab Location: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/Chaosdawn
Creature Requested: Strango Sciuro
Addons: None needed
Total Cost TBP: 15
Verification: Chaosdawn
Your application has been accepted and your capsule is currently awaiting emergence. Thank you!
Thank you for such a great service! I'll probably be back now and again to get some Cielarka Cimos!

Lab Location: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/Paintra
Creature Requested: Cielarka Cimo
Addons: None
Total Cost TBP: 15g
Verification: Verification Process Completed!
@Paintra: I have reserved a module for you pending receipt of the requisite fees and shall acquire your specimen as soon as that trade is complete. Thank you for your request!
EDIT: Your capsule has emerged! I have sent the juvenile over to you. Please make sure to pick it up within 72 hours of (The current server time is 10:57 pm on July 17th, 2020). Thank you!

@ChaosDawn: Your capsule has emerged! I have sent the juvenile over to you. Please make sure to pick it up within 72 hours of (The current server time is 4:13 am on July 17th, 2020.). Thank you!

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