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A New Adventure Awaits
(06-22-2024, 10:38 AM)Hela Wrote: А я квест с пещерой не могу пройти, как этот лабиринт закончить? Уже везде побывала.

Hi, Hela! Could you write in English on this forum so we're all speaking a common language and everyone can follow along? :)

I translated your message and from what I understand, you're stuck in an earlier quest, trying to navigate a cave? So I'm guessing you mean the quest where you navigate the Shady Caverns; there's a FAQ with some quest help here, which also has a map that will hopefully help!
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I went through the cave without a clue, I didn't notice the answer. But thank you so much for the information.
I couldn't make a transcript in the quest with Carol

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