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New Species Discovered
Pangolin mole?! I'm already in love!
Omg I would love them to be badgers!! That's so exciting!!

Honestly, though, armadillos or pangolins would be pretty great too.
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Fairy armadillo?
Oh, not-so-naked mole rats!! The variation in fur length is so cute. a definite favorite :’o
There seems to be a very small number of them with a Star mole's nose, but it seems to be rather rare. Maybe a trait similar to Nebulas' Clouds and Bekos' ciemo?
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[Image: 29SrR3.png]
[squees silently] Pangolin!
[Image: PpOqm3.png]
Thank you in advance for any/all clicks!
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I'm thinking the nose is a single-genotype trait, sort of like the wings and horns on Ebena Kuranto. For example, aaBBCc would have it, but any other genotype for the trait wouldn't. I think they're cool, because they have the badger-ish flattened body type.
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I love them thanks

I named this one Sonic because it's a blue hedgehog (or rather pangolin but either way blue + spikes), or at least the juvenile coloration was just blue... I literally gasped in delight at the adult form
[Image: ONNY43.png]
how cuuuteee
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