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New Species Discovered - Corteo - 02-11-2024


Attention all scientists!

A new capsule is now available in the cupboard thanks to the hard work of Coral M. Mui, who has been studying these curious creatures for the past few months to fully understand their genetics. Please submit any new data regarding them to either her or Soza Starrs, who is helping her with the data compilation.

[Image: a5k7a1.png][Image: e3v5Q1.png]

These will flood for 48 hours before joining the normal rotation.

RE: New Species Discovered - aminowrimo - 02-11-2024

Whoa!! Can’t believe my luck at being one of the first to see then! I love their shape.

RE: New Species Discovered - ULTRAKILL - 02-11-2024

I hope that it's a snail or a bug

Turns out it's neither, but still neat, I like them

RE: New Species Discovered - Auderfly - 02-11-2024

:O ooooh interesting

RE: New Species Discovered - Prof Sunshine - 02-11-2024

I love it, thanks!

RE: New Species Discovered - Scyfir - 02-11-2024

Ohhh super excited! The capsules look almost like brass...

RE: New Species Discovered - Kiwiana - 02-11-2024

ohhh new babuhs :D

RE: New Species Discovered - God's Princess - 02-11-2024

[Image: zAQnv1.png]

Three predictions: Plant Theme (pot with a sprout + name is Kasa Gardanto...Garden...Eh?), Bomb Theme (capsule with fuse), or Gem Theme (diamond cut).
We'll see if I guessed it in a few days. :)

RE: New Species Discovered - sakurakid - 02-11-2024

thank you for the new pet ^W^

RE: New Species Discovered - Scyfir - 02-11-2024

The first one hatched!! Badger-Armadillos? Please let it be badger-armadillos!!