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Wishlist Trades
Forum username: Lyshara
What I'm willing to trade: Gold
I specifically collect: Frida Fisisto
Preferred pedigree: G1/G2 preferred, but will accept any

Will pay 70-120 for G1
50-80 G2
Less than 50g all others
Forum Username: Nicoleknb
What I’m willing to trade: Gold
I specifically collect: Glubleko
Preferred pedigree: 1st gen only
Forum username: birdiebeeps
What I'm willing to trade: Gold, or some creatures. Just inquire about 'em and I'll let you know if I'd trade it or not :)
I specifically collect: I don't collect any one thing in particular, but I have some traits/combos in certain species that I loooove.
- Right now I want maneless Ebena Kuranto. I also like the draft mane. Also just Kuranto with pinto/leopard patterns + bald face & socks. Blue and teal are nice too.
- I love the very colorful Senfina Krizo, especially with black or white accents. The reverse of this is also true, or just fully black or white Krizos.
- Suna Hundo with black, white, blue or green color schemes. I usually like white or black bodies with colored tux/manes, but I love how the green based ones look like mint chocolate chip ice cream.
- Tricolor or Koi Limaka Cevalo.
- Vira Bekos that look like all their pieces belong to the same animal, usually just color-matched/with complimentary colors. Also the silkies and chocobos, and I love any of the blue/black heads.
- Blue & Gold/Orange Nektara Veziko. Or full Blue.
- Tonbleko with Body Spots, Belly Spots, and Spotted/regular Back Stripes.
Preferred pedigree: I really like G1 or even pedigrees, but it's not necessary.
My collection: Haven't started one yet, I just wanna collect nice lookin' thingies.
[Image: 13702376.gif][Image: 13667528.gif]
Forum username: Zeyh
What I'm willing to trade: Gold
I specifically collect: Muska Felo (will pay half splicer price regardless of gen. will pay more for matching crystals and particularly pretty Muskas)
Preferred pedigree: Any
My collection: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/Zeyh/10013
 Always remember to smile.
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Forum username: iridescence444
What I'm willing to trade: gold and any gen non quest only creatures
I specifically collect: Non purple Luma Mordo and Monta Selos of any kind
Preferred pedigree: don’t care
My collection: just starting. Here is my lab: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/iridescence444
Forum username: Shpee
What I'm willing to trade: https://finaloutpost.net/lab/1101 or gold
I specifically collect: Any creatures in any generation, but entirely have homozygous genes such as AABB AAbb aaBB or aabb and etc., but feel free to look at my collection or contact me if you're confused and want clarification.
My collection: https://finaloutpost.net/lab/7594
Forum username: fishheart
What I'm willing to trade: gold or any creature tagged 'uft'
I specifically collect: any monta selos or any alsaltos (klara, glacia, transira)
My Collection: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/fishheart
Forum username: animarums
What I'm willing to trade: Anything in this tab: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/animarums/45866 OR gold, but mostly gold.
I specifically collect: Codes with: dks, ds, sth, art, cay, dimi, sif.
Preferred pedigree: As long as they are not inbred, it doesn't matter! I prefer no children, but it's not a big deal.
My collection: DS/DKS codes: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/animarums/45809

I can be contacted on Discord as well, we're in the server under Alex | animarums!
adult - they/them (collectively) - plural & fictional
seeking codes containing any of the following: dks, ds, sth, art, cay, dimi, sif.
Forum username: leaftletleaflet
What I'm willing to trade: gold
I specifically collect: Stepa Safido, Frida Fisisto, Arbara Krono, and Monta Selo (specifically the purple ones), all with good 30+ hardiness stats
Preferred pedigree: No preference
My collection: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/leafletleaflet
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