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TFO Peer Review Click Site
Peer Review is a simple click site for all your clicking needs! It is hosted by the awesome TehFishey, who has now released Version 1.0 for public use!

If you have any issues, please post below, PM me, or message TehFishey on the Discord server.

Enjoy and happy clicking!

TFO Peer Review Click Site
That is so cool! Big thanks to TehFishey for making this site :D
Wow this is great! Thanks so very much for creating such a helpful tool!
[Image: k01Nd1.png][Image: z3Kwu1.png][Image: S3wzv1.png][Image: rv7Ot1.png][Image: zysuv1.png][Image: N0Y6P1.png]
This is amazing, and very helpful!
[Image: N01Up1.png][Image: 6q1q01.png][Image: rColo1.png][Image: LHUFF1.png][Image: LCJpb1.png]
Awesome! Great usability AND a cool design, now that's a click site I don't mind wasting spending time on. :) Thank you!
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Sticky or pin to top maybe? =x So others can pay attention to this great helpful site.
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Is it just me or the site don't work anymore ? I can't post my creatures anymore, the site doesn't find my lab It seems :(
My Lab • Thanks for the clicks !
[Image: ZdPt2.png]

Thank you so much!!
I still sadly can't access this clicksite; I have never gotten it past "this site can't be reached" screen.

[Image: unknown.png]
This is super useful, thank you for making this site! I have one small request - I have third party cookies disabled, so it would really help me if I could ctrl+click the creatures instead of opening them in an iframe. I notice the site doesn't let me ctrl+click to open the creatures in a new tab. Could this be enabled? I'd be stoked. :)
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