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New Species Discovered

Attention all scientists!
Those of you who spend much of your waking hours lurking by the cupboard in the common room (you know who you are!) may have already seen that new capsules have been released for public study.

Although it is the holiday season, our studious community never stops exploring and experimenting, and these latest discoveries by Erin Pontifis, Joyce Toller, and Iris Evada are quite stunning both in appearance and in location.

Only recently observed in snowy areas, Alsaltos seem somewhat wary of humans and appear to have come almost out of nowhere, in that they had not been seen in the area until now. The current theory is that they are a migratory species.
A full report will be forthcoming once more data has been obtained. In the meantime, please submit all observations and data to Erin Pontifis or Joyce Toller for collation.

Frida Fisistos
First spotted hovering near a northern seaside cliff, Frida Fisistos have made close observation difficult due to their territorial natures. Thanks to some camouflage modifications to a flying camera system, Iris Evada has been able to capture more images and videos of them, which are attached to this bulletin.

A full report will be forthcoming once more data has been obtained. In the meantime, please submit all observations and data to Iris Evada for collation.
[Image: Happy.png][Image: Hlday.png]
These creatures will flood until the end of the 27th and stay in the cupboard until the end of Jan 16th.
I can't wait to see what these look like! :D
[Image: ofJgD.png][Image: Vj2do.png][Image: LE4Og.png][Image: UPfga.png][Image: fV3gy.png]
Wooo! Happy Holidays everyone!
Ooooh, it's beginning! :D
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[Image: Ko54g.png] [Image: 1044150.png][Image: 1061169.png][Image: 149995.png] [Image: duR4K.png]
Frosty icy capsules :3 I enjoy Winter (not that I like the cold) because of the pretty icy and snowy things.
Yay!!! I wonder if one will be a bird! ?
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[Image: 1snsn.png]
Ooh this should be fun~
PENGUIN!!! I hope the other is a bear or something :)
Penguin! Foxes! What a lovely suprise! Can't wait to see the adults (and to pick up so more of them!)
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Omg they're both so adorable I need so many of both!

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