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Did you really think we'd end on a cliff hanger?
[Image: giphy.gif]
The epilogue is now available!
I knew there had to be more. XD  But um, is this working for everyone else? When I go to the Quests page the only one not completed is "Tensions are getting high around the outpost" and when I click it it brings me to "Loading the Sample in the GSP" which is Nora's sample and when I click "Get to work" it just brings me to the GSP page. Am I missing something?[url=https://finaloutpost.net/quests/12/LAy8G][/url]
Yeah, got the last quest finished.
I think you have actually successfully use the GSP to advance in the quest.
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I got it, it was the GSP. I used the virus isolator cuz I like that better. XD
i couldn't finish the quest because my capsules kept growing on different days and now I'm sad. what did you get for completing the quest? :(
I didn't get a chance to complete the questline either. I've had hectic stuff IRL and wasn't able to spend the time. I think I missed the last two. Is there a way I can at least read the questline? I want to know what happens and how we ended up fixing the problem. :(
I got...nothing.
I simply gave up after repeatedly failing to input the correct letters. Only by chance I was successful but after that...nuthin'.
I followed all the hints and guides but I am just not smart enough to figure out puzzles like this. :) It's ok, it was kinda fun having my lab explode in my face then having it shut down for clean-up.
Apparently my Lab has become a haven for wandering creatures since they always show up and ruin my work LOL!
I didn't get to complete the quest. My Senvidas kept growing to adulthood before the third capsules hatched. How did the story end?

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