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Event Statistics
We have organized a small page to track the event statistics which you can see here.  Enjoy!  Also be sure to drop a thank you below to the wonderful staff team that helped make our first event so wonderful.
Yeah massive respect and appreciation for all the hard work that went into the many things involved for this Halloween period! First event and y'all pulled out all the stops, thanks so much!
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Definitely yes! A huge thank you to everyone, but I feel it's a tad unfair that you did not put yourself in the Credits. After all, someone kept the site working and bug-free XD

But really, thank you to every one of you! <3
We shall see what this one Final Outpost has in store for us in the future ^^
Saltanta! <3
Come join the fun as the community picks their favorites in Community Spotlight Creatures!
Do visit the spreadsheet of monochromatic creatures!
I also occasionally record data. You can view them freely in RESEARCH_FILES.
Thank you so much for this cool event everyone!
Awh flute, I didnt see the time pass and use gold on sample right before going to sleep, I think I had still like ~50 to do xD
It was a fun event! But I'll prefer if there were no silver or gold achivement next time. Probably an unpop opinion, but even tho its nice, part of me would always find it frustrating to have a silver achivement laying here when I could have gold.
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Check my trade thread above! I'm mostly looking for monocolored or Purpelish, but you can show me any offers, I can still be interested to a pretty pupper or a nasty noodle!
Even if I don't have anything interesting for the moment.
First language is french btw, so sorry if my sentences doesn't feel right at time.
Thank you all for working so hard on the event! I was really invested in the story the whole way through, and the art was beautiful!
This event has to be one of my favorites. Thank you so much to Cort, the writers (rosa and Shark), and artists (Virida, Infinis, Mal, Doha, Cort) for putting so much effort into the quests, games, sprites, programming, and world building to create a memorable first TFO holiday event!
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I love that the event was, in context, obviously a halloween event, but at the same time it was subtle enough that it wasn't overly halloween-y, and I feel that is a nice touch and inclusive to people who don't really celebrate it/don't like a full-on halloween aesthetic. The creatures are the same way. Does the way I'm explaining that make sense?

All in all it was an awesome event and I hope to see this same trend with other holidays! I can't wait to see what your team come up with.
Thank you for all of the amazing work! The art and the writing were/are fantastic. :) I love the creatures and enjoyed the quests; definitely unexpected with how things unfolded for the Outpost and scientists!
Thank you guys, all of you, for this event. You put so much work into this. 

I loved the GSP, I sucked with isolating the virus (the minesweeper) but I got a hang on the GSP. :)

I'm looking forward to other fun stuff in future.

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