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New Feature
Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce a new feature, lab notes!  Here you can read about the lore as we continue to expand it, as well as view past release briefs.

Perhaps the most exciting bit is that users can now unlock the genome sequences for creatures in order to be able to plan breeding projects.  How it works is that for each breed there is an amount of money that must be raised in order to unlock it.  The money is raised by the whole community as a whole.  It's not cheap doing science. ;)

In order to help with this burden, the amount of gold given for successfully breeding capsules has been increased.
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Donated to help! I figure even if it's only a little bit it can help! :D
A little each day, and from each member when they can or want, goes a long way :)
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Lore hype!
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Oh man :o
I have a database project going, but this feature will clarify and help my work so far! And it will very greatly help in recording breeding projects! Awesome :D
Yay! I was hoping for something built in like this! <3 Can't wait to explore and figure out the inner workings better, and I love the idea of a shared pool of funds to discover things together
This is a great idea for a gold sink!
Lore hype!
Can't wait to contribute to the pools!
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