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Server Migration
As many of you have noticed, TFO is growing and as a result the tiny server we have been using for beta has been struggling to keep up.  As a result many of us have been experiencing frustrating insufficient resources/storage errors and unacceptable load times.

We will be migrating servers in the next few days. The exact time is still up in the air as it is dependent on how quickly the new host sets us up.  The length of the migration is also dependent on how long it takes to move the data and how long the name servers take to update.  I will make a new post on our social media and discord when the migration starts.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of server migration downtime will happen and it may be prolonged.  No game data will be lost.  Status updates will be provided via social media and discord (links below).

Social Media:
   - Facebook
   - Twitter
   - Discord

1 - The site will be going down in the next 30 minutes so the migration process can start
2 - The migration has been finished.
Thank you for this update! I hope everything goes smoothly and safely for the site!
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Thanks for getting us a "bigger lab".
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