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Community Spotlight Creatures (Closed atm)
Welcome to the Community Spotlight Creatures!

Last event's spotlights: (NA8mp) and Purpuspiko!

[Image: NA8mp.png] [Image: tlpAv.png]

Introduction: As you know, I've been running the species database for a while now and have recorded many beautiful creatures in The Final Outpost. However, I feel that the creatures at the main page that represents their respective species lacks variety. Therefore, this event is made and will select new species every one to two weeks, the goal is to choose the community's favorite creatures and let them take the spotlight for this thread as well as my database for a while! (The event will return in the future, of course, and another creature shall take their spotlights.)

You can view the history of highest voted creatures here: CSC Spotlight History

In this thread, when a submission event is going on, for every user, you are allowed to post up to one male and one female of the creature species for the event*. Of course, you can choose to post only your favorite male, or only your favorite female, or not post at all! Moreover, you don't have to post a creature you own, you can also post another scientist's creature that's your favorite as well! After a certain period of time, I put all entries, or as many as up to 25 male creatures and 25 female creatures and open voting forms for them! The creature with the highest votes will get their "spotlight" here, as well as have their images used for my main sheet :D

During the voting phase, you may select up to one-fourth of entries rounded up! (For example, if there's 9 entries, then you may vote up to 9/4=2.25 rounded up to 3 votes.) You can find the forms at the bottom of this post!

The current event's creature selected is: TBD!

Male entries:

Female entries:

When voting phase is open, case your votes here!
Male Voting Form
Female Voting Form

*Make sure you post the BBCode of the creature, which is clickable to access its link. Image only will not count.
Freeform chats/posts is allowed here.
Just like to submit this one, though I am  sure cooler ones are out there. :) 
[Image: 9ebPS.png]
[Image: fqhmZ.gif]   wheeloftime13[Image: o2biA.png]
                                                                                                Scroll                                       Lab
My fav boy and girl
[Image: vqoSI.png][Image: m4Ujj.png]
Oh, this is difficult... :)
[Image: Frh9V.png]  [Image: TnbQC.png]
We’re playing together / And it’s going well / And maybe we’ll go back / To cryosleep, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame / We’re splicing genes (splicing genes) / Will things ever be the same again?
It’s the final outpost / Da da daaa daaa / Da da da da daaa / The final outpost.

[Image: JmNv43.png] [Image: 1085604.png]  [Image: SewlH3.png]  [Image: 162288.png]  [Image: PnzvC3.png]
Wow, this sounds fun! These are my two favorites ;D

[Image: YUysr.png] [Image: bOt2P.png]
What a fun idea. :D
[Image: 4frbj.png][Image: k9kio.png]
pinkgothic @ schlaugh | Dragon Cave | The Final Outpost
I am the right person to complain to about NEMO's Ark (The Final Outpost clicksite)
[ pronouns: ve/vis/ver - but not picky, use what you like! ]
[Image: LwkUj.gif]
Ooh fun! I humbly submit my favorite lady and gent:

[Image: DDCLo.png][Image: ReU9Q.png]
[Image: 2N2na3.png]my lab    •    dragon cave    [Image: 35CPU.gif]
✨ mostly active on discord! dm me at cabuso#9433 ✨
There's already so many gorgeous ones. XD

Here are a couple of my favs:

[Image: 3YTeX.png][Image: mwTaj.png]
Oh, this sounds fun! This was really difficult, but I think I've finally picked my favorites. Here they are!
[Image: Q5v2S.png][Image: JFgdD.png]
And hey, I recognize that black-and-white lad above me! :)
:O all the lovely Krizos so far! <3
I don't wanna miss out the fun so I'm submitting my faves too!

[Image: lWeCt.png] [Image: GlmyF.png]
Saltanta! <3
Come join the fun as the community picks their favorites in Community Spotlight Creatures!
Do visit the spreadsheet of monochromatic creatures!
I also occasionally record data. You can view them freely in RESEARCH_FILES.

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