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Why we have ads
As some of you may have noticed, TFO has finally been approved to host google ads.  This is integral for the long term health of the site.  We have monthly server/hosting costs and would like to start to be able to give our artists and writers a commission for the work they do.  Please consider setting up your adblock to allow ads on TFO to support the site.

From the beginning, we have pledged not to introduce donation creatures or other "pay to play" aspects to the game, so ads seemed the best way to cover site costs long term.  I am going to add an option to opt out of ads via patreon soon™️ for those who still want to support the site but don't want ads.

I don't love ads myself, but I want to make sure the site is here for the long term.  Thank you for understanding!  The exact ad placement is still in development.

P.S. Our google ad policy is that all ads served by google should be family friendly.  If you happen upon an ad that does not fit this description please take a screenshot and PM me so I can deal with it.

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