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A New Adventure Awaits
I’m really bad at this type of puzzle. :( Am I missing out by not completing this quest?
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(07-14-2020, 11:33 PM)Kite Wrote: I’m really bad at this type of puzzle. :( Am I missing out by not completing this quest?

Hmm..probably. I'm in the same boat myself

FINALLY!!!! I IZ IN!!!!!!!
I don't like that type of puzzle but I managed. XD  

I want to say I really enjoyed wandering around the cavern (I made a simple map during cuz that's how I do) and I'd love to be able to go back and walk through again and really map it out. 

Great job! =D
I'm waiting until I'm not capsule-locked to go in, but I got the puzzle done, so I have the pickaxe, although I struggled a bit, haha. If you're having trouble...I'll try to explain my thought process a bit, in case any detail helps!
Let's see...to begin, I found it easiest to tackle the top two rows first, and then the bottom two.
(I tried starting with the bottom a few times but made the mistake of thinking that row was 12|13|14|15 when it's actually 13|14|15|blank)
So I focused on the top two rows that look like this: 1|2|3|4
________________________________________________________ 5|6|7|8
To get them sorted, I mostly focused on getting the numbers I wanted for those rows in the same area and then just kind of...shuffling them, mostly in circular patterns, until they got where I wanted. And then did the same with the bottom two.
If I think of any other way to phrase how I got the puzzle, I'll add more.
Oh, and don't be afraid to take breaks and switch to another tab or walk away for a while if you're getting frustrated. I also started over multiple times until I finally got it.
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Something I tried was that once I got the #15 tile situated, I left it alone and tried not to move it. Same with the #1 tile..seemed to help...a bit.
At one point, instead of going across I tried arranging them in columns but that looked...weird.

Strategy is not my strong point. :)
Unfortunately for me though, I could never do those annoying puzzles. So, it looks like I'll never be able to go there. :(
I don't know how everyone else did the puzzle, but try moving the numbers in rotations of three, that's what I did. For example:
3 --> 15 3
15 4 > 4

Sorry for the awful explanation, but keep trying and take breaks every once and awhile. :)
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Some tips for anyone who is struggling with the puzzle still:

It should look like this when done:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
5 | 6 | 7 | 8
9 | 10 | 11 | 12
13 | 14 | 15 |

It helps to focus on two at a time. So, get 1 and 2 in place, then 3 and 4. Then 5 6, then 7 8.

Once you have the first two rows done, get 9 and 13 lined up on the left side (vertical). Then you just get 10 and 14 lined up next to them, and the last three will rotate into place. :3

It can take some time to figure out the method of getting them to line up, but I find it helps if I get them into position and then move them into their spot... So like, 2 in front of one, then move them to the left, then up, and then to the right when they hit the top row. With 2 in front of 1, it moves into the right place. You can use that method for each bit, just moving tiles until the two you want to line up are ready and then moving them into place. ^.^
I was able to complete the quest since the first day, but various parts were a little frustrating, but I took short little breaks and that helped. I was lost in the maze of the cave for around two hours though LMAO. When I got to the numbers puzzle I was stuck for another hour, after that I finished pretty fast.

Something that helped me through the text maze, was writing down the directions I already took, that way if I back pedaled I knew which different path to try and so on.

The reward was worth it though, thank you to the staff for this quest. =)
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Ah well not able to get that puzzle done. Hopefully there will be easier quests coming in the future.
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