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Mammal Trades
In this thread you can trade your mammals (see the bottom of the post or the pinned thread in the Trading Forum for a list). You do not need to want a mammal in return for the mammal you are trading as trading offers are to be discussed via private message rather than in the thread. Please follow these rules: 

1. Discussing offers for the creature(s) should take place via private message, not in this thread.
2. Post the forum image of the creature(s) you are offering and what you'd like in return using the form below.
3. People who would like to submit an offer for the creature(s) posted in this thread should contact the owner via private message. Please follow the forum rules when having a conversation (Be polite and understand they may not accept your offer).
4. You may request that you not be offered certain variants, but be aware that if you are too particular you may not get an offer.
5. You may request a certain pedigree type, but again, be aware you may be limiting yourself and not get an offer.

*Not required, but appreciated: editing your post with "Traded" or "Trade Cancelled" when no longer available

Trading Form:

Looking for (Breed) in return for:
[BBCode for creature] [Creature Species] [Creature's Gender]

[BBCode for creature] [Creature Species] [Creature's Gender] (preference of variants you don't wish, if any)

[BBCode for creature] [Creature Species] [Creature's Gender] (preference of same pedigree type)

- Stranga Sciuro
- Kosmira Girafo
- Suna Hundo
- Ombra Vesperto
- Arbara Krono
- Klara Alsalto
- Transira Alsalto
- Ebena Kuranto
- Kvieta Kiraso
- Dormema Ventreto
- Luna Hundo
- Nebula Glisanto
- Minuskla Casadisto
[Image: fqhmZ.gif]   wheeloftime13[Image: o2biA.png]
                                                                                                Scroll                                       Lab
Looking for:
1G Male Saltanta

In return for:
1G Female Saltanta:
[Image: Ehm9b.png]
Looking for two Saltantas with no pedigree in return for:

[Kosmira Girafos] also pedigreeless.

(Two pedigreeless Saltantas for one Girafo)

Edit: traded!
Saltanta! <3
Looking for:
2G female Saltanta with yellow fur
1G female Suna Hundo with black fur and no green or blue traits

In return for:
Anything in my trades tab and/or gold
We’re playing together / And it’s going well / And maybe we’ll go back / To cryosleep, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame / We’re splicing genes (splicing genes) / Will things ever be the same again?
It’s the final outpost / Da da daaa daaa / Da da da da daaa / The final outpost.

[Image: 0vgPQ3.png] * [Image: 202485.png][Image: 1019930.png] * [Image: 1AzEq3.png] * [Image: CCTml3.png] * [Image: MiqGl3.png] * [Image: FPIOg3.png]
Looking for 1G Saltanta swap in return for:
[Image: GHsKB.png] 1G Female
Saltanta! <3
Looking for G1 Regos with specific gene combinations:
- Male: AA AA Aa (red with markings and grey horns)
- Female: AA aa aa (grey with no markings and white horns)

Also looking for Glacia Alsaltos I don't have yet.
White - Large Crystals - 3 Tails - Male
White - Large Crystals - 9 tails - Male & Female

Tan - No Crystals - 3 Tails - Male & Female
Tan - Large Crystals - 3 Tails - Female
Tan - Large Crystals - 9 Tails - Female

Will trade anything in herehere, or here. I will trade 2-3 creatures as well as some gold for the creatures I'm looking for.
[Image: S7EBk3.png][Image: Fa7lF3.png][Image: TW1ld3.png][Image: JGoat3.png][Image: vV5Sc3.png]
ISO a Sabla Rego obtained on 17/10/2020.
Looking for an Ebena Kuranto with the following traits:
  • G1 preferred
  • Female
  • Body: AaBBcc (teal), aaBBcc (blue), or aaBbcc (blue gray)
  • Horn: aaBBcc, AaBBcc, aaBbcc, or aaBBCc preferred. AaBbcc, AaBBCc, or aaBbCc also acceptable.

Offering in return:
  • Gold and/or anything in my trade group.
I am looking for a G1 'Rainbow' Kosmira Girafo, offering high amounts of gold or any amount of creatures in my For-Trade-Area: https://finaloutpost.net/lab/8192

I am trying to get one for years now, and since my last Black Friday purchases AGAIN were not successful I am trying this way for the first time. I saw G1 ones out there, so perhaps somebody is willing to sell one^^ Can be one that had been bred already, male or female, I only care about the color and G1.

Genes are:
Body:AAbb, Spots:AAbb, Stripes:AAbb

Pls send a pm if interested, thank you :)

Edit Dec 18th: is this thread active at all?
[Image: oL2bU3.png][Image: 2881655w4z0seehym.gif][Image: 6yPVd.png] 
Not only scientist, but also author of these (german) scifi books^^

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