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The Click Thread V4
[Image: Tl30e1.png][Image: uetY81.png][Image: mLgSK1.png][Image: U8QwD1.png][Image: bbvo81.png][Image: 017OM2.png][Image: HtraI2.png][Image: dRXyR2.png][Image: 9BTYE2.png][Image: uT0ia2.png]
[Image: h8Itg2.png][Image: 5OjU02.png][Image: ndWyC2.png][Image: jF8SJ2.png][Image: 0ArHM2.png][Image: IJ87g1.png][Image: ITFV11.png][Image: D6hK61.png][Image: wQHjp1.png][Image: qxYDm1.png][Image: MqrIn1.png]

And I'd super appreciate any clicks you can spare for these unhappy adults:

[Image: XyfUP3.png] [Image: jLQcw3.png] [Image: fNh3l3.png] [Image: Cksn73.png] [Image: RcrW43.png] [Image: 6crr23.png] [Image: L1JTi3.png]
pinkgothic @ schlaugh | The Final Outpost
I am the right person to complain to about NEMO's Ark (The Final Outpost clicksite)
Typically available in #dataclaw on irc.darkmyst.org (as Dread, Valcen or Taika{Work})
[ pronouns: ve/vis/ver - but not picky, use what you like! ]
[Image: hKUxm3.png]
[Image: UgRYR1.png][Image: qjOPL1.png][Image: ywc4S1.png][Image: 1DIJu1.png][Image: 2D0xi1.png][Image: Cf5GT2.png][Image: HwC2Z2.png][Image: zOOGo2.png][Image: MAUHE2.png][Image: vbYI72.png][Image: pnZGI2.png]
[Image: omIKV2.png][Image: 1wlnW2.png][Image: 8orYQ2.png][Image: juzlw2.png][Image: xM7sA2.png][Image: vjoXV2.png][Image: 4cirr2.png][Image: M3gWh2.png][Image: pEYwD1.png][Image: KVn8W1.png][Image: WXOUH1.png][Image: 7IxuM1.png][Image: QXyGd1.png]
Adults in need of clicks: [Image: HD8yd3.png][Image: dkwAm3.png][Image: MpXTl3.png][Image: SAnIW3.png][Image: Dqwrz3.png] Thank you for clicking!
[Image: R6tm82.png][Image: gBksy2.png][Image: 5rfYa2.png][Image: YIixA2.png][Image: ZO6mm2.png][Image: KNcf82.png][Image: MdOUu1.png][Image: Tq9Nb1.png][Image: zlmSH1.png][Image: LhRLk1.png][Image: H6ZAE1.png][Image: OrhNw1.png]

Thank you for Clicking <3
[Image: z5sx43.png][Image: tF5vL3.png][Image: XTSIa3.png][Image: Ccf3w3.png]
Thank you Kindly, for any clicks to my Capsules and Adults
I click ALL on the page, at least. Sometimes I click many pages and Profiles.
 [Image: 8Jhlw3.png][Image: y2kG23.png][Image: jtPsw3.png]

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