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Upcoming Migration
Dear scientists!

As you may have noticed, server performance has not been the greatest in recent weeks and months (Hello, Resource Limit Reached).  Therefore, we have decided to change the site to a new provider, which is supposed to make user experience much better and allow us to have greater control over the server environment. Unfortunately, this change requires us to put the site in maintenance mode during the move.

The move is planned for February 19th 2023 starting on or around 16:30 server time (10:30AM EST) and we estimate it to take a few hours to be finished. Also, for technical reasons (namely DNS propagation) it might take a few hours for finaloutpost.net to correctly lead to the new server. While we will try to get it changed asap, some things are not in our hands.  So to put it simply, you may not be able to reach TFO for up to 24 hours.

Also, due to the technical nature of such a migration, you will need to log back in again into the site on the new server, so please make sure your credentials are in order so you'll be able to continue to using the site without issue.

Please be advised, while we'll try our best to avoid them, bugs are likely to appear after the move. Please report them in the bug report forum if you encounter any, thank you!

ALSO, THIS IS NOT YET THE RECODE!! We initially planned to move after the recode is done, but the pain with the host became too big, so we decided to move asap with the old code.

Thank you for your understanding and patience and we hope you'll look forward to the move as much as we do!

If you have any questions or want to stay up to date during the migration, check out our Twitter or Discord!
Thank you for the information and thank you for all your hard work!
We’re playing together / And it’s going well / And maybe we’ll go back / To cryosleep, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame / We’re splicing genes (splicing genes) / Will things ever be the same again?
It’s the final outpost / Da da daaa daaa / Da da da da daaa / The final outpost.

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Thank you! Looking forward to new updates with the site! <3
A pleasure to meet you.
Perhaps we could collaborate on a creature we both share an interest with?
[Image: VPB5j3.png][Image: QCb5N2.png][Image: buu8t.png][Image: i29bP3.png]
big thanks from me too!
regards, lamel

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Hope all goes well with the move! Thank you for the hard work you do on the game :)
This update is for the overall quality improvements of the game. The wait won't even matter. Kudos to the whole team! <3
yeep... kinda scary. welp, what needs be must needs be.
good luck, y'all.
see yas on the other side when it gets here! <3
[Image: PpOqm3.png]
Thank you in advance for any/all clicks!
Feel free to mine my lab-tabs. Especially the Cuddles Plz tab!
other places to find me: Magistream|Marapets|Steam: 412706121
May the old host step on every single lego in existence, good riddance
Good luck with the move, hope all goes well, looking forward to the new home of TFO :)
[Image: oL2bU3.png][Image: 2881655w4z0seehym.gif][Image: 6yPVd.png] 
Not only scientist, but also author of these (german) scifi books^^
Hope everything goes smoothly :) Thanks for the heads up and all your hard work

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