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Final Solstice Quest
The final solstice quest is now available to play!  You can find it here: https://finaloutpost.net/quests/ with the title "Solstice day is fast approaching...".
thanks a lot! <3
regards, lamel

[Image: 8lDfr3.png][Image: gffDA3.png][Image: xgdtg3.png][Image: vIKL03.png][Image: SJOU03.png][Image: oyXwz3.png][Image: IlGkl3.png][Image: cdANe3.png][Image: ziCRu3.png]
Aww that was nice!
We’re playing together / And it’s going well / And maybe we’ll go back / To cryosleep, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame / We’re splicing genes (splicing genes) / Will things ever be the same again?
It’s the final outpost / Da da daaa daaa / Da da da da daaa / The final outpost.

[Image: 0vgPQ3.png] * [Image: 202485.png][Image: 1019930.png] * [Image: 1AzEq3.png] * [Image: CCTml3.png] * [Image: MiqGl3.png] * [Image: FPIOg3.png]
Though I thought there would be a tad more but nice nonetheless.
Sads that I only reached the last one, but it was a cute quest!
thank you and happy new year!^^
[Image: oL2bU3.png][Image: 2881655w4z0seehym.gif][Image: 6yPVd.png] 
Not only scientist, but also author of these (german) scifi books^^
Thank you for the very promising Solistice Quest and all your Quest stories. It's like reading a book in little pieces - Love it!
I'm really looking forward how the relationship with Outpost 3 will continue and what we will learn about the whole world around the Outposts.

Happy new year for everyone ! :)
[Image: Ai1dw3.png]
~ All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. ~
(J.R.R. Tolkien)
Thank you so much for the Event!

Happy New Year, 2023!
*Hugs To ALL*
[Image: z5sx43.png][Image: tF5vL3.png][Image: XTSIa3.png][Image: Ccf3w3.png]
Thank you Kindly, for any clicks to my Capsules and Adults
I click ALL on the page, at least. Sometimes I click many pages and Profiles.
 [Image: 8Jhlw3.png][Image: y2kG23.png][Image: jtPsw3.png]
Is the final quest taken down?
I can't find it today.
(01-15-2023, 07:14 PM)Bronzewinged Wrote: Is the final quest taken down?
I can't find it today.
The solstice celebration ended today, that included the quests being taken down, yes.

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