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New Species Discovered
the Ostas look a bit like hyenas or? and Degelas like geckos... curious about the adults! :-D
regards, lamel

[Image: 8lDfr3.png][Image: gffDA3.png][Image: xgdtg3.png][Image: vIKL03.png][Image: SJOU03.png][Image: oyXwz3.png][Image: IlGkl3.png][Image: cdANe3.png][Image: ziCRu3.png]
Ooo, very excited~ the Osta Frakaso look like they might be Hyenas? That would be awesome!
Definitely hyped to see what these guys grow up to be.

*Edit- YEENS! Hyena friends! I love them!
[Image: R6xY0NA.png]
ɪ ᴡɪʟʟ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ."
Love the new capsules - looking forward to seeing whatever they become!

[Image: kyAM15w.png]
...our fates appear to be intertwined.
Yay New Species :) Thank you so much
I am so curious as to what these babs will look like when grown!
The second species just sitting so politely as a child awww. <3
Oh, cool adults!! Like them both, lots to collect lol XD
[Image: oL2bU3.png][Image: 2881655w4z0seehym.gif][Image: 6yPVd.png] 
Not only scientist, but also author of these (german) scifi books^^
Ahhhh, both of them look adorable! Can't wait for my own critters to mature.
A pleasure to meet you.
Perhaps we could collaborate on a creature we both share an interest with?
[Image: VPB5j3.png][Image: QCb5N2.png][Image: buu8t.png][Image: i29bP3.png]
I love the Osta Frakasos so much! Their fur looks so glossy and beautiful and I love the colour variations!
Please also click these! :)
[Image: Uwqgh3.png] Lab & ChickenSmoothie <3    Currently collecting: Ebena Kuranto

I am a busy person. I may not respond to trades or messages instantly. Please respect this.
OH! Not only did I make it to grab a new species finally, but on the first day! :) :)
[Image: ejiTd2.png][Image: iBNe02.png][Image: EBekm2.png][Image: C25hw1.png][Image: Or4P91.png][Image: YY3yn1.png][Image: I6et21.png][Image: 32lZr1.png][Image: sTiej1.png]
Mohawk hyenas!! I love these little guys!!

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