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Spooky season is upon us!

Attention all scientists!

As you may have already noticed, if you were chilling in the common room at the time of this announcement, the cupboard has been freshly stocked with newly produced capsules! Both creatures are recent discoveries and, as such, should be examined with utmost care. Please submit regular research reports if you decide to pursue this line of study.

These creatures will flood for 72 hours and stay in rotation until November 15th.

A holiday quest has also been unlocked and will be available to complete until November 22nd. You can find it here: https://finaloutpost.net/quests/. Completing this quest will unlock a surprise!

EDIT: The drop enable button did not start a flood for some reason. Cort is asleep, so it won't be fixed until he's awake. Thank you for your patience!

[Image: WIHHx1.png][Image: uXaNf1.png][Image: WwCPf1.png][Image: P87ld1.png]
Yay, new caps! And they look perfect for spooky season, cant wait to see what emerges! <3
My lab: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/Granitore/default 
I dont really have a favorite creature yet, but that can change in the future...for now...i like many..

this lil spooder dances for attention, maybe you try to pat it?

[Image: K9n1q3.png]
Ah, yes, of course daylight saving time is everyone's best friend. /s

The flood should automatically fix itself in a bit more than half an hour. If it doesn't, I'm happy to investigate further, but at the moment this looks like a simple misconfiguration of the flood times.

Unfortunately, new cupboard creatures are only generated once an hour, so in an effort not to completely disrupt things by deleting all current cupboard creatures and rerolling those that are in there now by issuing a manual cupboard run, I'll be letting this run its course naturally. I hope you enjoy the chaos! A bit of chaos is totally Halloween themed, right? ...right?


FYI, I am investigating a bug with the Halloween '22 minigame that isn't keeping scores. Posting about that here so folks know it's been reported and a (slow) server-side bug hunter is on it. :) This should be fixed.
pinkgothic @ schlaugh | The Final Outpost
I am the right person to complain to about NEMO’s Ark (The Final Outpost clicksite)
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[ pronouns: ve/vis/ver - but not picky, use what you like! ]
[Image: yy5sL3.png]
Can't even get past the game because the controls are all weird and glitchy, with the thing at the bottom going in the opposite direction or just not moving at all...
[Image: rkNPY2.png] Making mistakes is proof that you‘re challenged.
Ooh, very cool capsules.
curious, how they will look like!
and happy halloween!
regards, lamel

[Image: 8lDfr3.png][Image: gffDA3.png][Image: xgdtg3.png][Image: vIKL03.png][Image: SJOU03.png][Image: oyXwz3.png][Image: IlGkl3.png][Image: cdANe3.png][Image: ziCRu3.png]
ah there it is XD
Happy Halloween!!
[Image: oL2bU3.png][Image: 2881655w4z0seehym.gif][Image: 6yPVd.png] 
Not only scientist, but also author of these (german) books^^
I just woke up, thank you everyone for this event!
I could get some capsules, play the story and the surprise, everything is working well!
[Image: coacp3.png]
« Pas de patience, pas de science. »
Apologies for the bumpy ride last night everyone. I was flying back from Brazil and very jet lagged/unable to monitor the release. Many many thanks to Inu, Pinkgothic, and the whole team for managing the release and righting the ship. >
We are learning from this and will apply lessons to future releases and events.
Problems with the fossil ball puzzle.
Any refresh makes it be marked as "complete" and then unable to be played anymore. No trophy either as I've cleared it once and wanted to take a look.

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