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New Species Discovered
Oooops, shoulda exercised today. I’ll make sure to go doubletime tomorrow boss :3
JELLYFISHIES. One of my favorite kind of fish, I need them. I'll name them Precious and Fabs
♧ My lab ♧ 
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[Image: 680081.png][Image: 680387.png][Image: 262473.png]
Hoping that my guys emerge soon. I really wanna grab some of these cool new fishies! :,)
very excited to see what my two capsules will end up looking like!!

thank you for the update!! ^^
Cielarka Cimo Breeder!
Trade me all unwanted bugs!

[Image: abXWZ.png][Image: VEYX3.png][Image: Llkhl.png]
I can't wait to see what they are!  ~stares unblinking at capsules~
After seeing the first grown one, I know what I'm gonna hoard.

edit: and after seeing the 2nd, that just confirms the fact even more that I must hoard.
[Image: riVvP2.png][Image: mkNBF1.png][Image: CZTdG1.png][Image: AXxWr1.png][Image: LFODA1.png][Image: IYXzW1.png][Image: 9azz81.png][Image: RmaeM1.png][Image: RPwut1.png]
woahhhhhhh they look so pretty! aggg i want one! ;p
I love Stranga Sciuro's!!!
please help my babies grow!!
Hooray! I adore the concept of an "air" jellyfish! These are wonderful, thank you Corteo, Dohaerys, and Shark!
Closing now that this release has completed.

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