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A New Programmer Has Been Discovered
We are excited to announce the addition of Inutsume to the staff team.  Inu will be helping the coding team to continue the progress of the infamous recode as well as continue to advocate for additional capsule slot capacity.  Great to have you on the team, Inu!
One of us one of us one of us
Omg so excited, many thanks for accepting me, aaaah!
I'll do my best!! <3
         I hoard things I find pretty :3
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welcome to the team Inuuuuuu.
 Always remember to smile.
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Congrats, Inutsume! :-)
regards, lamel

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Congratulations!! ^-^
[Image: coacp3.png]
« Pas de patience, pas de science. »
Many congrats Inu!
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FRESH MEAT. I mean, hi. Thank you for putting up with my pull request comments. 8D (Do gently stab me if they get to be too much.)
pinkgothic @ schlaugh | The Final Outpost
I am the right person to complain to about NEMO's Ark (The Final Outpost clicksite)
Typically available in #dataclaw on irc.darkmyst.org (as Dread, Valcen or Taika{Work})
[ pronouns: ve/vis/ver - but not picky, use what you like! ]
[Image: hKUxm3.png]
Congratulations, and best wishes!
[Image: R6xY0NA.png]
ɪ ᴡɪʟʟ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ."
congrats Inu!
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Not only scientist, but also author of these (german) scifi books^^

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