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゚。 Hi I'm Sketch!
✧ I'm a sci-fi/fantasy comic book writer and artist from the southern USA with a love for loud music, shiny things, and sick artwork.
✧ On TFO I'm a collector, breeder, and enthusiast of arbara kronos, gudra kornaros, kosmira and tera girafos, saltantas, and stepa safido. Melanistic or flashy creatures are some of my favorites. ❤︎
Feel free to send me a message regarding breeding requests, trades, or even general questions about the site or how I breed creatures if you're curious. However, I'm much more active on the TFO Discord if you'd prefer to get ahold of me there in a reasonable amount of time.

∞༺♥༻∞ Regarding Breeding Requests ∞༺♥༻∞
I offer breeding opportunities from my favorite G1 collections!
Feel free to ask me about mate recommendations, especially if you're seeking specific morphs of offspring.
❤︎ Netimo :
❤︎ Rafos :
❤︎ Saltantas :
❤︎ Safido :
There is no limit to the amount of requests and breeding attempts will continue weekly until the pair is successful. ☘
✧ However, currently AAbb Saltantas and AABb Body Kosmiras are unavailable for requests.
Prices are 75G for Netimo, Kosmiras, and Saltantas; 50G for Safido and Teras.
❤︎ Twin caps come free! ❤︎

∞༺♥༻∞ About Sketch on TFO ∞༺♥༻∞
The excitable scientist of Outpost One known as Sketch has relocated far out to a self-made protected reserve where her creatures are closely monitored and cared for in order to ensure their species' survival. Every creature is chipped at birth to allow the scientist to monitor vitals and track movements across the vast open sanctuary, providing her with invaluable data whenever she's unable to go out into the field.
The reserve is located along the forested edge of the coast with a small port at the sea, allowing a wide array of diverse life to thrive within its borders and beyond in the open ocean.
Regular trips back to the outpost are usually made with her loyal saltanta Abaddon, and occasionally his mate Marie whom have both been delicately raised by Sketch's hands from the time they were nothing more than capsulated embryos in her old lab's cryofridge. She's had to work quite diligently on ensuring her ECV can carry them all the way to the outpost along with their regular payloads.
Sketch's business usually includes bringing litters of saltanta cubs, young netimo, or rafo and nebula calves to be sold off to fellow scientists interested in what she has; thus providing funding for the continuation of her research and the care of her beloved creatures. While there she never shies away from engaging in in-depth conversations regarding the intricacies of her research, offering aid and advice to curious scientists in similar fields. Some have noticed that she often stops to talk for a moment with the animals she meets, but then again spending most of every day with them might open up one's mind.
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