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A Glimpse Into the Upcoming Schedule
How is it the end of August already?!  As Starbucks breaks out their pumpkin spice and my local grocery store is gearing up to put out their Christmas food selection in a few days, I realized that maybe it would be good to give you an overview for the next few months.  Since TFO is so new, the community doesn’t have the advantage of tradition and so communication must fill that gap.

- There will be one more normal release in September.  Not going to spoil anything there!
- Your Halloween creatures will start to breed more successfully on the 1st of October.  They will peak on Halloween before fading back down.
- Halloween creatures from previous years (in this case last year) will drop in the cupboard and be available in the splicer from early-to-mid October until mid November.
- New Halloween creatures will appear sometime around halloween and will drop for a generous amount of time.
- At TFO we want to have the cycle of one larger holiday event a year and the rest on the smaller side.  Last year Halloween was the big event and this year we expect it to be smaller.
- Not going to spoil too much about November, but the Black Friday sale will come back in the genome splicer on November 26th!
- Winter Solstice breeding starts on the 1st of December and will peak at Christmas before fading back down.
- New Winter Solstice creatures will appear sometime around Christmas and will drop for a generous amount of time.
- We are hoping that the Winter Solstice event will be the larger event, but we have to see how it works with everyones schedules
- Winter Solstice creatures from previous years (in this case last year) will drop in the cupboard and be available in the splicer from early-to-mid December until mid January.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below!
I really appreciate this info, thank you Cort!
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this great! wish more sites did something like this. at least i got a idea of when to start looking for new/old things!
communication is always nice, so thank you for this. :D
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Yes! Splicer goats! I'll be broke! Lol!
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Oooo cool! I can’t wait, I love last year’s event creatures and can’t wait to see the new releases! :D
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Thank you for the preview rundown! As a new player to TFO, I really appreciate having a loose idea of how the upcoming holidays will work.
Echoing the other players in this thread, the communication is appreciated. I missed both events since joining last year, so I'm hyped! :D
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thank you for this update ! so excited for my first TFO holidays !!! ^_^
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Thanks for the heads up, I'm very excited for my first events here on this site.

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