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The Final Outpost 2.0
TFO's First (Nearly) Birthday Feature Update
It's hard to believe TFO's almost a year old now—it's come so far in such a short time! Thank you to the spriters, writers, and the amazing community for making TFO what it is today.

To celebrate this achievement, I'm happy to announce we have some new, exciting features being introduced today! To make TFO even more realistic, we're adding some new mechanics to the site. As always, please report any bugs so that they may be squashed posthaste.

•    Gold caps for daily clicking and breeding have been reduced by 50% in a bid to reduce inflation.  Hopefully this will help market prices.

•    Extended growth times.  Creatures will now take on average 2-3 days longer to grow.

•    Breeding refusals – Just as they can in real life, creatures can now refuse a mate. A refusal means they cannot be bred together without the use of a Pheromone Treatment, which can be purchased in the store for 50 gold.

•    Sickness – Creatures can now get sick if they gain too many views too fast. You can purchase a Cure in the store for 100 gold to cure sickness. If you do not cure sickness within seven days, the creature will begin to lose stats every following day until cured.

•    Death – Creatures can now be permanently killed using the Kill action under Creature actions. Please note that this is permanent and cannot be reversed. Lineages will display a dead version of the creature for all creatures killed.

APRIL FOOLS! Did we get you for a moment there? While we catch our breath from laughing, wander over to the lab beside Rosa Dhey's for some fun with Robert as he plays around with part of the simulator!
Haha good one! [it's not even april fools yet but this is funny anyways]
For a moment there, I was wondering how all that was celebrating. Lol! XD

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I collect Sabla Regos and Ebena Kurantos.
You almost got me here :)

(It's april fool for CET time :))
not gonna lie this actually had me being like "why..." upon reading each point, then half way through I realised what date it is... aha. <':
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Always remember to smile.
Scroll || Lab
You're making a big update.It was April Fool's Day!
The time where I live is in the morning, but I had fun from the morning.
Thank you!
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Heart attack.................
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You got me
You had us in the first half, not gonna lie.
OOOF i was like... "i love TFO... smile and nod... this is fine!!!" hahaha
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