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Show us your Scientist
Due to the nature of this site, I know many of us have made our own scientists! Whether they're from world based roleplays or just from your own creation to fit lore, I'd love to see them!

I'll start:
This is Dr. Vernin Roscoe. Before cryogenesis and the end of the world as they knew it, he worked on the consciousness and sentience of humans. This was, however, till an attempt backfired thus resulting in a transfer of consciousness to his current subject - a Red Panda.

[Image: nKbdjXe.png]

[Image: T2MOBOs.gif][Image: Untitled258-20200526143510.png]  [Image: T2MOBOs.gif]
I don't have any inspiration for their appearance so let's just say they're basically a living shadow from an unknown origin. People tend to freak out when they first see them, but they're used to it. We usually see them being all by themself, looking at paperwork or petting a random creature. Sometimes even the air as if they see thing the commun mortal don't see. Basically they're weird. But they aren't dangerous, quite the opposite. They're quite nervous and tend to limit their interactions with others scientificts to small talk.

Oh and when we ask them what's their name, they most of the time change the subject, or totally ignore the question. A rumor says that someone did get a definite answer from them and it was "I didn't choose one yet"
My lab is being run by two scientists, Prof. Dr. Dust and Prof. P. Uppy.

Prof. Dr. Dust is older and a bit more bookish, specialising in tracking down every bit of relevant data in any database or library and running complex experiments in the lab, while Prof. P. Uppy prefers hands-on field work and can sit absolutely still for hours to observe creatures in their natural (or artificial) habitats. They don't always agree on how to interpret their findings, and arguments can get heated, but they have great respect for each other and work very well together.

Prof. P. Uppy's favourite creatures are Stranga Sciuros and Kosmira Girafos, Prof. Dr. Dust loves Monta Selos. They are both very fond of Suna Hundos.

We're playing together / And it's going well / And maybe we'll go back / To cryosleep, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame / We're splicing genes (splicing genes) / Will things ever be the same again?
It's the final outpost / Da da daaa daaa / Da da da da daaa / The final outpost.

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