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Upgrade Number of Custom Tabs
No, the coding would work... the problem I'm anticipating is trying to drag a creature when there are >30 tabs clumped together on the page. It's a bit of a balancing act in terms of an user interface.
Hmm... that's true. However, theoretically speaking anyway, people who use the drag and drop sort frequently will anticipate that and won't make as many tabs as the rest of us should the idea bother them. I'd hate to see the feature go, as I'm sure lots of people use it, but I'm genuinely distressed at the idea of not being able to sort my creatures the way I want to, as well. There has to be a way to make this work. I'll keep thinking about it. *sigh*
Well like I said, I have no problem axing the drag and drop, the question is which has more value to the overall player base. Not sure yet so I'll keep the thread open and hope more people weigh in.
I agree that the answer should be to have both. Yes, it would be a little wonky trying to drag and drop if there's 30+ tabs clumped together, but the people who use drag and drop the most can just create less tabs. Alternatively, perhaps a toggle switch could be in order? An account setting, drag and drop on/off. When toggled On, the tabs you can have are limited. While toggled off, there's no limit/a much higher number. If the toggle is switched to Off and you want to turn it back On, you have to delete any limit-breaking tabs before you can toggle it back.

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