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Points of Failure [Survival/Horror]
Deep within the southern Andes mountains of Argentina, in a secluded defile no larger than a football field, there is a titanium blast door covered in years of plant growth. Nothing stands around it except for the odd rock and shrub. Shallow claw marks mar the otherwise smooth metal surface. Behind that door is Outpost 17.
While some outposts focused on biological studies or technological recovery, OP-17 was a more ambitious project. Thousands of settlers were to emerge from cryostasis and build a community in the hills and plains of the Patagonia region. They would effectively restart human habitation of the surface, and become a hub through which other Outposts could connect with one another. It was a grand vision, and not without flaws.
To assuage the concerns of the plan’s detractors, OP-17’s director created the TAG Teams. Short for Tactical Acquisition and Guardian, TAG Teams ran the gamut between soldiers and scientists, couriers and engineers. Each TAG Team was trained to respond to any number of worst-case scenarios without assistance, from communications blackouts to enemy attacks. In times of peace, they would plunder the ruins of the old world, salvaging what they could for OP-17's continued survival and expansion.
TAG Team Alfa was comprised of the best and brightest candidates the Outpost could spare, while the lower ranked teams like TAG Team Lima were made up of intrepid graduate students and grunts. The plan assumed that these lesser teams would receive training and field experience through the regular performance of their duties. But therein lies the rub. This was not a time to make assumptions.

You are members of Echo Team, abruptly awoken. As you stumble out of your disabled cryo pods and feel the blood rushing back to your brains, certain things become clear. The entire facility is without power, illuminated only by harsh red emergency lighting. Everyone else is either missing or dead inside ruptured pods. The floor is covered in blood and bullet casings. And finally, you can hear the sounds of something big and inhuman moving in the lower levels of the facility.
"Greetings," says a computerized voice. It's coming from a caretaker automaton standing at the control panel. Its hand is on the release switch for your pods. "Congratulations on your s-s-s-s-s-sssssssssssssuccessful transition-transiTION to wa-wa-wakefulness. A medical attendant will be with you shortly. Please... stand... byyyyyyyy..."
The caretaker's memory core explodes in a small shower of sparks. As you look around at the other members of your team, you realize you're all thinking the same thing.
You might not survive this.

Listen up, Echo Team!  I only have time to go over this once, and then you need to get moving. If you don't, you might not live to see the sun again.
There are no mechanics here; your success depends on how well your posts convince me you deserve it. My goal is to facilitate your adventure, not control it. My posts will consist of non-player character (NPC) actions dialogue and environmental details.
 Feel free to create NPCs and locations for your RP as long as it makes sense and helps the story. For example, you might find a scientist hiding in a closet who can help you in the short team, but you won't find the entirety of Alfa Team miraculously alive, armed to the teeth, and answering only to you.
Try to pick a specialty for your character. For example, survival, computers, or engineering. Besides that, all of you are assumed to be trained in weapons and squad tactics.
This is a survival horror game. If your characters are not in peril, then it is my right as the GM to put them there should I wish. If said peril could lead to a character's death, I will usually tell you, and from there, we can do a few things.
You send me a private message about how you want your character to die and I make it happen. It will probably be super cool.
You send me a private message asking me to spare your character's life. Your character will be saved by sheer luck (for small lapses in judgement) or a painfully obvious deus ex machina (for impressively large lapses in judgement), and we have a talk about how you ended up in that situation and how to avoid it in the future.
. You run headlong into a situation that there's no possible escape from, ignoring my warnings, and expect that your main character status means you can't die. Your character, unsurprisingly, dies, and we have a talk about why that kind of RP isn't fun for anyone involved.
Please write your character's name at the top of each post so nobody gets confused.
6. Remember that all forum rules (especially the content restrictions) apply here, and have fun!

"They don't think it be like it is, but it do." -- Oscar Gamble

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[[Hello hello! I’ve been thinking about joining. Do I need to fill out a character sheet? I’m assuming so, so I’ll place something here~]]
[Cryopod in stasis.]
[Accessing Files.]
Name: Subject 13
Age (before cryofreeze): 11
Sex: designated female
Specialty: medical
Info: “H-e-elloooooo, E-ech-o teaaaam! W-We haaaa-aaave c-creeaated s-someone to... toooooooo...“
[Data not found. Audio file corrupted. Accessing information data base.]
[information found. Subject was created as a beta version to a support Demi-Human. Was tasked with medical support and care.]
[More info found.]
[Enter: Log 0198.]
Subject 13 has reached their tenth birthday, since the day they were created. Subject has shown exponential growth in the field they were given. Subject has shown to be surprisingly stable the past ten years, given they are a prototype.
Outpost 17 has considered to cryofreeze it as soon as it comes of age, if it successfully remains stable past the age of 10.
[Log 0121.]
Subject 13 continues to show growth. However, caretakers have reported that Subject 13’s skin was beginning to become translucent. Subject’s veins and bones could start to be seen. Subject’s eyes have also begun to develop red sclera, and appear to momentarily exude blood from the tear ducts. Despite this, subject appears to be fine. Orders have been given to keep a closer eye on the subject.
[Log 0124.]
Subject is now displaying symptoms of unusual behavior. They claim to see and hear things they shouldn’t. Whenever they see a pool of blood, they begin to scream and shout at everything around them. Subject is in the process of being dubbed a failure.
[log 0150.]
Subject no longer screams at pools of blood. Rather, they seem attracted to it. Subject has been reported to be able to control it, and has been seen running around with a knife. Subject 13 has now been deemed a threat. Any personal that comes in contact with Subject 13 is ordered to eliminate it.
[log 0151.]
Subject 13 has been discovered inside a cryopod. Attempts to open it are to no avail. It is speculated that somebody had put Subject 13 in there from prevention of it being killed.
Personal are requested to not try and open it with persistent effort, in case Subject 13 tries anything.
[personality file found]
Subject has been found to be kindly, albeit a bit strange. They have a strange interest pertaining to blood, but claim they do not mean any sort of harm. Just as it has been programmed to do, it enjoys any kind of medical procedures. Subject screams at random empty spaces at times, claiming it is yelling at “them”. Subject is willing to put aside its own life to help a patient in need. Subject has been shown to be clingy, overtrusting, and emotional.
[Files closed.]
[opening Cryopod...]
[Welcome back, Subject 13.]
[[alright. More logs that give more info about Subject 13 could be found around the facility, if that’s alright! I wanted to give an air of mystery to it.]]
[[Yeah, that's good. Thanks!]]

"They don't think it be like it is, but it do." -- Oscar Gamble

[Image: 8IDcl.png][Image: Vg3sU.png][Image: VQAGA.png][Image: J45ni.png]

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