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Something is amiss in the outpost....
As you walk by the bulletin board on your way to the cafeteria for breakfast, your gaze catches on a bright red notice that wasn’t there last night. You pause to read it.

Strange things are happening around the outpost. Please report any unusual phenomena to Marsh. An official statement will be forthcoming once more information is available.
You continue on to breakfast, feeling uneasy. Something is amiss in the outpost....

[Image: Dangr.png][Image: Spook.png][Image: Cthul.png][Image: Pmpkn.png][Image: Candy.png]
EDIT: Additional details for the new creatures
- Breeding will be available year round with varying success rates.
- All event creatures will be available every year as G1. 
- These will flood at one point for a few days and then stay around until Mid-November
Interesting! I look forward to seeing what these hatch into!
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i truly cannot wait to see what eldritch horrors are in store for us.
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Thank you for the clicks!
OOOOO creepy things are happening....
[Image: 6Hcxj.png][Image: 933ie.png][Image: mYHET.png][Image: W5Dmb.png][Image: PHOoN.png]
I'm excited about the new capsule, I can't wait to see what they are. But I cannot figure out the gene sequencer. I don't know what I'm trying to get and I feel like I'm wasting samples. =/
I’m experiencing the same problem as Chaosdawn. I really don’t want to waste samples, can anyone explain what we’re supposed to be aiming for?
[Image: AnonZ.png]   [Image: EhfNv.png][Image: Ewcfh.png][Image: BgJ67.png]
This is what we have come up with in the discord -

_ means a value in the sequence is in the right place
1 means a value is in the sequece but in the wrong place
0 means a value is not in the sequence
They are ordered _ then 1 then 0 and not according to the sequence typed
no two values can be the exact same (IE there cant be AA)

For those struggling. Hope this helps! :3
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To summarize _ mean that a value is at the right place. 1 mean that the value is at the wrong place and 0 mean its the wrong value.
Example if I type aaaa and the result is 0000 there is no a in the right sequence. Tho if its _000 it mean there is one.

Also dont fear "wasting" them you can always found New one around the page ^^
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I was just about to post about how I was really confused about the sequencer as well, but the posts above me helped me figure it out, so thanks a bunch! I've managed to correctly solve two samples so far. :)

Also, the new capsules look very interesting, and I'm excited to see what they become!

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