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What are happiness and hardiness for exactly?
Hi all,

I am very sorry, but I kind of missed how the happiness and hardiness impact regarding game play. Would you please help?

Of course we want our creatures to be most happy and healthy, but does that have an impact on how they breed or the like, too? Is there any game mechanic relevance or is it about role playing only?

Many thanks,

[Image: 1RYwt.png]    [Image: D12wd.png]
All stats will affect the chance of them producing an offspring, aside from their species rarity.
That said, here are ways to increase each stats:
Happiness can be increased by clicking on them daily, from yourself and others' clicks.
Hardiness is the same, except that you can only increase them from clicking them before they grow up into adults.
Appearance is random between 1 to 10, the only way to increase them is by using the Brush item in store.

Regarding how much each stat affects breeding, we're not sure yet. However, my Fluganta Rato with over 100 happiness, over 50 hardiness definitely breeds better than my other Fluganta Rato with less than 30 happiness and less than 10 hardiness.

Saltanta! <3
I also occasionally record data. You can view them freely in RESEARCH_FILES.
Ah, that make sense. Thank you very much for the explanation!  smile

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