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New Species Discovered
I gotta say they're all beautiful, gawd! It'll be hard to resist them if anyone's trading them

Saltanta! <3
I also occasionally record data. You can view them freely in RESEARCH_FILES.
oof im a bit late,

But non the less im excited to tryand get the new species ^^

+゚*。:゚+ .Any clicks given are very appreciated!+゚*。:゚+ .
+゚*。:゚+ .+゚*。:゚+ .+゚*。:゚+ .+゚*。:゚+ .+゚*。:゚+ .+゚*。:゚+ .
[Image: Halo--Cat.png]
I love them! Mine are still just babies but the adults shown as examples in the bulletin look so cool! Lots of neat patterns and bright colors! Love those crests! I'm excited to see mine mature!

[Image: 12805654.gif][Image: 12805715.gif][Image: 12811997.gif][Image: 12814923.gif][Image: 12815104.gif][Image: 12814581.gif][Image: 12816928.gif][Image: 12818404.gif][Image: 12817961.gif]
I love the colors on these. Pterosaurs are the coolest. smile The hatchling patterns looked kind of patchwork, so all mine have quilt names in honor!

[Image: Niyaka.png]
They are beautiful!!! ♥

I click the pets in your signatures
~ . * . ~
[Image: 12816483.gif][Image: 12816634.gif][Image: 12816494.gif][Image: 12814950.gif]
Closing now that this release has completed.
Thread Closed

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