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New Species Discovered
I hope these can breed with the old girafos, too. :) I like the lavender horns on the one and the way it has more than one color blending on it's body. Then there seems to be possible stripes?
Ahh lol they look funny XD

Could there perhaps be a possibility to consider longer cupboad flooding in the future? Even with buying (for me expensive, I rather invest in capsules) Click Multipliers and Growth Serums I am never able to collect two full rounds of new releases in 48 hours, because they do not hatch fast enough.
I do not know the thoughts behind drop time, but would 12 or 24 more hours really hurt? Or is it something technical, like server overboarding or something like that?
[Image: oL2bU3.png][Image: 2881655w4z0seehym.gif][Image: 6yPVd.png] 
Not only scientist, but also author of these (german) books^^
I love them so much, excited to start breeding them once all mine are grown <3
[Image: AGplb3.png]
Ahhh these are so cute!!! I love how fuzzy they are, though I've got one with no fuzz at all who is also super cute <3
lab notes are now available to donate towards! they cost 65k!

if you wish to donate alongside your fellow users, click on World > Creature Notes > find the species name of the new release(s) and click it, then type how much gold you'd like to donate. :>

for those who don't know what unlocking lab notes does: it allows you to see the capsule, juvenile and adult descriptions all in one place as well as showing some other info relating to them. it also unlocks the ability to use the predictor for that species, allowing you to see all genes that species has and more. :D
 Always remember to smile.
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