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The Final Installment of the Solstice Quest
The final installment of the solstice story line is now live on the quests page!  A HUGE thank you to the amazing writing team for writing what is essentially a small novel and during the holiday season no less!  TFO is so much better because of you!

https://finaloutpost.net/quests/ - "Finally, you're on your way home..."
Thank you for this amazing quest line, i am curious how the last quest will turn out, i loved every second of the solstice event, your artists and story writers have done an AMAZING JOB, especially hiding the fact on the juvenile Lanugas with the help of the wings that they have 4 legs, the Arba capsule was my favorite capsule and the Brila capsule & the Langua capsule are both on 2nd place (could not decide, but that "shimmering, multi-colored" description of the Brila one is amazing)
(though i will play the new quest tomorrow, my holidays are over and i need to work tomorrow, so i will go to bed now, yay i have something fun to do after work!!!)
My lab: https://finaloutpost.net/visit/Granitore/default 
I dont really have a favorite creature yet, but that can change in the future...for now...i like many..

the Saltanta seems to want a head pat  <3

[Image: liyjY3.png]
I loved this questline and the included art was, once again, amazing!!
this team is so heckin skilled, y'all are great
thank you guys for all the hard work. <3
 [Image: txWyF3.png]
Always remember to smile.
 Lab || Scroll || Lair
Thank you!
[Image: 0fHde3.png]  I am socially distancing from 2022....[Image: tWH3N3.png]
This was truly an awesome questline. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in the event this year. What beautiful work! Thank you so much for all of our lovely gifts!

I have a request. Once the quest is over, can we see the artwork from the quest, pretty please? I would really love for it to live on in the wiki so we can continue to appreciate it.
This questline was absolutely outstanding! Compliments to the writing team cause this was *chefs kiss*. I was so weirdly nervous while walking through Outpost #3 to get Oxa! I was fully expecting to run into someone, but I'm glad we got them out safely. And aa the art is fantastic! I love the grumpy Brakumo <3
[Image: 1096222.png][Image: 1095496.png][Image: 1095568.png][Image: 1095696.png]
Thank ALL, So much for such a wonderful and FUN, Event!
*Hugs to ALL* :)
[Image: A3qKM1.png][Image: CVrRJ3.png]
Thank you all for the Kind Gifts!
Happy Holidays
[Image: Sds0r3.png][Image: xJIM43.png]

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