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Writer Applications Actively Open! - Shark - 01-15-2024

The writing team is seeking a new member, so we will be actively reviewing applications. If you've submitted before but want to refresh your application, please feel free to do so! If you haven't applied yet but are interested, now is the time.

All applications should be posted here: Please be sure to read the directions in the opening post before posting your application.

RE: Writer Applications Actively Open! - InugamiChi - 01-22-2024

good luck! hope you find some nice people to work with c:

RE: Writer Applications Actively Open! - Shark - 02-01-2024

Final reminder for anyone interested in applying! The team will be reviewing applications over the next week or two.

RE: Writer Applications Actively Open! - GeistStorm - 02-16-2024

For future reference, and out of curiosity, do writers get any perks for their work?
I'm aware that this is unlikely to be a paying position. But I'm interested in knowing if a writer does a creature description, do they get one of the creatures? Or is that only for the original creators of said creatures?
It doesn't say in the thread what exactly the position entails beyond the vague job description. (Something the O.P. of said thread might want to think about doing in the future.) Just so everybody has an idea if they're Really interested and/or can commit to the job. For some, they may not be willing to do the job if it's just a "paid in exposure" type of gig.

~Hopefully all that made sense and wasn't too windy. I Can actually write moderately well, but it's not a certain thing. Hence why I doubt I would ever feel right applying myself. I refuse to commit to something if I'm not 100% sure I can be reliable in doing it... No matter what carrot is/isn't being dangled before me as a temptation. X1;;~

RE: Writer Applications Actively Open! - pinkgothic - 02-16-2024

(02-16-2024, 01:25 AM)GeistStorm Wrote: For future reference, and out of curiosity, do writers get any perks for their work?

Currently*, everyone on staff is just a volunteer and no one on staff is getting any direct compensation, but they do all get ad-removal for free as a thank you for their service, and artists, writers and developers get a 'notable scientist' NPC they can tailor to their liking.

* (It might be worth noting that Corteo would like to, sometime in the future, figure out a way to offer honorariums to staff, but that depends on a lot of factors, may not pan out, and so has no firm timeline.)