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Sketch's Auction House and Sanctuary - Sketch - 09-05-2023

 Your adventure out on your ECV is well-rewarded when you pass through the vast silver gates of Sketch's Sanctuary.
Here, you stop for a moment to admire the roaming wildlife, and eventually take notice of the black saltantas eyeing you from the treelines.
It's not long before Sketch herself meets you out in the field on her own ECV and escorts you back to her laboratory, questioning your interest in her creatures.

Everything For Sale
^ Click above to be redirected to my on-site For Sale tab ^


Breeding Requests

I offer breeding opportunities from my favorite collections of G1 creatures for a small fee.
 Consolation for mate choices is available if you're seeking specific morphs of offspring. 
(Also happy to offer advice and explanations if anyone is confused about how TFO genetics work.)

Simple Steps
1. Select a pairing of any two compatible creatures and let me know you're interested in buying a capsule from them.
2. Your name and request will be placed on a list, and the pair will be bred weekly until they are successful..

*If a creature is currently being bred with another, I will ask if you would like to be placed on a waitlist or request another pairing.
3. Upon success, payment and capsule are exchanged.
*If the pair produces twins, the twin is free!

Notice : AAbb Body Saltantas and AABb Body Kosmira Girafos are currently unavailable for requests.

[Image: LvwLr3.png][Image: KNM4J3.png]
My Collection of G1 Netimo
Netimo capsules are 75 Gold.

[Image: 2SrJI3.png][Image: rOBYb3.png]

My Collection of G1 Kosmira and Tera Girafos
Kosmira Girafo capsules are 75 Gold.
Tera Girafo capsules are 50 Gold.


[Image: tGUEc3.png][Image: nOdE03.png]
My Collection of G1 Saltantas
Saltanta capsules are 75 Gold.

[Image: dSH1Z3.png][Image: 1kaoX3.png]
My Collection of G1 Stepa Safidos
Stepa Safido capsules are 50 Gold.

∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞
If anything interests you please let me know through the thread replies or via Discord.
Or, feel free to send me a trade directly on TFO with the codes of what you'd like to purchase. 
∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻∞

Looking To Buy
*Currently only looking for G1 Creatures*
Seeking either gender unless marked.
Having previous mates does not affect prices or desirability.

I am mostly interested in melanistic or albino creatures, particularly ones that have bright or flashy markings.
My favorite colors are blue, gold, white, and black.

*(Melanistic referring to : an animal that has black fur, scales, or skin due to higher levels of pigment.)

Current projects of mine include :

AAbb and aabb Body Saltantas

[Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AaBB,Marking...6477091805][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AaBb,Marking...8726330229][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AABb,Marking...4964316443][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:aabb,Mane:AABb,Marking...6117414293][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:aabb,Mane:AaBb,Marking...3585958901][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:aabb,Mane:AaBB,Marking...9186693573]
AABb Body Kosmira Girafos

[Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:aaBB,Stripe...2506696257][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AABB,Stripe...3426050049][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AAbb,Stripe...7766823418][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:Aabb,Stripe...2860595177][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:aabb,Stripe...4071388982][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AaBB,Stripe...4719912476]
Looking for any other variations in genetics.
Offered gold prices range from 300-500 depending on coloration.

I am willing to pay 200 Gold or more for creatures like these.

[Image: ln?s=oqQ3G&c=Body:Aabbcc,Markings:AABbCC...7281301696][Image: pyEkk3.png][Image: ln?s=juvAD&c=Body:aabbcc,Tails:AA,Ice:aa...5621413225][Image: ln?s=juvAD&c=Body:AABbcc,Tails:AA,Ice:aa...0321986313][Image: ln?s=juvAD&c=Body:aaBBCC,Tails:AA,Ice:aa...2014097666][Image: ln?s=juvAD&c=Body:AABbCc,Tails:AA,Ice:aa...2174624617][Image: ln?s=oqQ3G&c=Body:Aabbcc,Markings:AABBCc...3439481093]
[Image: ln?s=jUjCb&c=Body:AABB,Belly:aaBB,Stripe...0252895931][Image: ln?s=jUjCb&c=Body:AABB,Belly:AABb,Stripe...9085006047][Image: ln?s=UkBbC&c=Body:aabbCC,Wings:AaBBcc,Ma...0887701536][Image: ln?s=UkBbC&c=Body:aabbcc,Wings:aaBbCc,Ma...2532308026][Image: ln?s=UkBbC&c=Body:aaBbCC,Wings:aabbcc,Ma...1894453251][Image: ln?s=B7Cpx&c=Body:AaBb,Belly:AABb,Markin...3566430431][Image: ln?s=B7Cpx&c=Body:aabb,Belly:Aabb,Markin...5638086201]

I am willing to pay 350 Gold or more for creatures like these.
[Image: ln?s=nzgGg&c=Body:aabb,Spots:aa,Tux:aabb...3780259865][Image: ln?s=CMKpN&c=Body:AABBCC,Marking:AaBbcc,...4249697307][Image: ln?s=CMKpN&c=Body:AABBCC,Marking:aabbCc,...7713870196][Image: ln?s=CMKpN&c=Body:AABBCC,Marking:AabbCc,...6814372216][Image: ln?s=nzgGg&c=Body:aaBB,Spots:AA,Tux:aabb...7395487118]

[Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:aaBb,Mane:aaBb,Marking...6912411854][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AaBB,Marking...9112328302][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AABb,Marking...6718186488][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:aabb,Mane:AABb,Marking...6572752546][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:aabb,Mane:AABb,Marking...6117414293][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AaBB,Mane:Aabb,Marking...1718956892]
[Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:aaBB,Spots:aaBB,Stripe...2949014485][Image: ln?s=s8JOP&c=Body:AaBb,Shell:aaBB,Crysta...4962164035][Image: w6sb6.png][Image: ln?s=s8JOP&c=Body:AaBb,Shell:AaBb,Crysta...6802069143][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:aaBb,Spots:aaBB,Stripe...1977894513]

I am willing to pay 500 Gold or even more for creatures like these.
[Image: ln?s=Da1sI&c=Body:AAbb,Head:AABB,Biolum:...2216948673][Image: ln?s=bBE77&c=Body:aabbCc,Marking:aabbCc,...4747532455][Image: ln?s=DU0VX&c=Body:AaBBCC,Patternb:aaBbcc...7555185391][Image: ln?s=DU0VX&c=Body:aaBBcc,Patternb:AaBbCC...4856191036][Image: ln?s=bBE77&c=Body:Aabbcc,Marking:AAbbcc,...6987580309][Image: ln?s=Da1sI&c=Body:aabb,Head:AABB,Biolum:...6734554754]
[Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AaBb,Stripe...2200420933][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AAbb,Stripe...7820115256][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:aaBB,Stripe...2506696257][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AAbb,Spots:AAbb,Stripe...0319367665][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AAbb,Stripe...4773619918][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:aaBb,Stripe...5473780089][Image: ln?s=C774V&c=Body:AABb,Spots:AaBb,Stripe...2655397108]
[Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AAbb,Marking...2780198396][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:aaBB,Marking...8383774021][Image: ln?s=Hvg6u&c=Body:AAbb,Mane:AABb,Marking...4964316443]
[Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:aaBB,Markings:aabb,Fin...1306060057][Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:AaBb,Markings:AaBB,Fin...4746853362][Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:AABB,Markings:AaBB,Fin...3500289514][Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:aabb,Markings:AaBB,Fin...2506957318][Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:aabb,Markings:aabb,Fin...1967607172][Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:aabb,Markings:Aabb,Fin...0153620427][Image: ln?s=VV8LH&c=Body:aabb,Markings:AABB,Fin...9247583123]

RE: Sketch's Auction House and Sanctuary - Sketch - 09-06-2023


RE: Sketch's Auction House and Sanctuary - Sketch - 09-08-2023


RE: Sketch's Auction House and Sanctuary - Sketch - 09-10-2023

Update : Added the list of creatures I am looking to purchase!
♥ Offers vary from 200-500+ gold for specific creatures; check the first post for more information. 

Welcome to the Auction House
These creatures are currently available on the Market.
(Clicking on them will take you to their view page)

[Image: bVgvb3.png]
bVgvb - G2 Male Saltanta
Offspring of Nello and Bloodshatter.
Starting Bid : 100 Gold
Auto Buyout : 200 Gold