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New Species Discovered - Corteo - 02-25-2023


Attention all scientists!

A collaborative expedition between Rosa Dhey and Roy Shade, originally meant to conduct geological and floral surveys of a nearby mountain range, has resulted in an unexpected discovery! A unique mammal adapted to the extremely cold alpine climes was spotted during one of their forays through the upper ridges, and after further investigation, they were able to obtain some genetic samples. It took some time to process these, but capsule production is now underway.

Any research gathered on this new species should be sent to Rosa Dhey, as Roy Shade has returned to his studies in the Shady Caverns. Many thanks to all of you who will assist in studying this exciting discovery!

[Image: 6kFEQ1.png] [Image: 1kLQI1.png]
These will flood the cupboard for 48 hours before joining the general rotation.

RE: New Species Discovered - Shadowsearcher - 02-25-2023

no capsules >:(

RE: New Species Discovered - dustpuppy - 02-25-2023

Oooh, more girafos!

RE: New Species Discovered - Buttercup - 02-25-2023

There are no capsules currently available.


RE: New Species Discovered - Kiwiana - 02-25-2023

Oh these capsules look familiar! XD

RE: New Species Discovered - Zoraya - 02-26-2023

Winter rafos???? Sign me up!

RE: New Species Discovered - DragonShadow - 02-26-2023

Awesome!  I can't wait to see them.  :)  Thank you!

RE: New Species Discovered - lamel - 02-26-2023

oh, great, new pet.. Girafo... i'm curious...

RE: New Species Discovered - Kiwiana - 02-26-2023

Those hairy messy hatchies LOL XD Hope we can breed the two Girafo species together?

RE: New Species Discovered - AMPratt - 02-26-2023

Yay! Thank you!!